A true friend discourages you from sinning, urges you to do good things, keeps your secrets, admires your merits and helps you in times of need.

In prosperity our friends know us; in adversity we know our friends.

Rev. S.C. Jayakumar TVS Nagar

LOVE lays the foundation for friendship. Later, this friendship blossoms into a life-long bond between individuals. There has to be mutual understanding for the relationship to sustain for a longer period.

K.D. Viswanaathan Thadagam Road

NOW, Internet plays a key role in developing friendship. But one should be lucky enough to get a friend who can maintain the relationship without any selfish motives.

E. Sivasankaran Nanjundapuram Road

FRIENDSHIP is the sweetest word ever found by mankind. Next to our parents, a person who is close to us is our friend.

One can become a saint or a satan according to the friend he or she has.

M.R. Prasad Podanur

FRIENDSHIP is a beautiful experience. It is a sharing of happiness, sorrow and every human feeling. The presence of a true friend is a morale booster.

Sneha A I B.E (Mechanical), Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology


A friend is someone who will make us smile and help us see how beautiful things around us are.

If you can confide your deepest thoughts and feelings without any apprehension to a person, you know you are with a friend.

K.S. Nagarajan Thudiyalur

FRIENDS always give their best to add joy to our life. Friendship is like a chewing gum, which will stick with you until you throw it away.

Richa Khaitan I M Sc. Electronic Media, PSG College of Arts and Science


FRIENDSHIP is an enchanting flower. Only true friends can smell its fragrance. The prime qualities of friendship are loyalty, sincerity and honesty. In this fast-paced world, we rarely keep in touch with our buddies. But true friendship will always remain intact.

G. Nanda Kumar Sriram Nagar

SOME people come and go in our lives like passing ships. But, true friends come into our world, kindle our spirits, touch our hearts and make a huge difference to our lives.

Vijay Anand V Peelamedu

A genuine friend stands by us through thick and thin and corrects us when we go astray. Select your friends carefully.

S. Venkatachalam Kavundampalayam

FRIENDSHIP is an inexpressible feeling. One can never measure it by words or thoughts. A good friend is like a heartbeat that goes on till the end.

Balaji R SBOA Matriculation Higher Secondary School

FRIENDSHIP happens when one person reaches out to another based on trust and confidence. A good friend will certainly make a difference to one's life.

Vidya M Navavoor Pirivu

A friend is a rainbow in the sky of life. One who accepts you as you are and does not consider your weak points a handicap.

Jude Jayakumar Teacher, St. Michael's Higher Secondary School

FRIENDSHIP lasts longer if there is no expectation from either side. Both should listen to the other. It is based on trust and is stronger when there are no bitter incidents.

R. Venkata Ramanan Singanallur

FRIENDSHIP is every individual's a prized possession. It's a fine feeling of mutual esteem.

Anyone who gets to share this wonderful relationship is definitely a lucky person.

Reshma Masud III B.Com Nirmala College for Women


FRIENDSHIP is the rainbow between two hearts that shares the feelings of love, truth, faith, secret, sadness, happiness and genuineness.

P. Revathy I MIB, Hindusthan College of Arts and Science

SPENDING time with good friends will help in relieving stress. Friendship shapes our lives beautifully and serves as a foundation for other relationships.

Krishnadas M.R Mettupalayam

FRIENDSHIP is the only thing that cannot be corrupted. When you cannot rely on anybody, a friend is the only source of consolation. It starts from childhood and continues for years together.

A. Ananthahariharan K. N. Palayam


FRIENDSHIP brings immense joy in one's life. True friends will always have love for each other and appreciate all fine qualities. One has to be loyal to retain the warmth in the relationship.

Vani Subban II MBA, Dr. GRD College of Science


FRIENDS play an important role in one's life.

If there is greater trust, the bond of friendship will become much stronger. Though it is clich�d one can always take cue from the adage, "we cannot choose our relatives. But, we can always choose our friends."

A. Mohammed Junaid Class XII, Suburban MHSS, Ramnagar


FRIENDSHIP will blossom between anybody irrespective of age and gender. But the question is how long will it last? A true friend always cheers every progressive step taken by his/her buddy. Parents can also become true friends.

V. Viswanathan Lecturer, Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology

FRIENDSHIP is a celebration of intimacy and bonhomie between two people.

Only a friend is capable of understanding triumphs and failures.

It need not always blossom between people of similar age.

Jeyshree Jayaraman Seeranaickenpalayam Housing Unit

FRIENDSHIP among teenagers does not stop with chatting or SMSing.

The virtue of friendship goes much beyond this. They often sit down with a common thought, sharing ideas and preparing for various competitive exams.

S. Balasubramaniam B.E (Production), PSG College of Technology

OF all the relationships one may have, friendship is truly eternal. A friend is always regarded with affection and loyalty. This is one relationship that we choose unlike the other blood relationships.

K.N. Raj Kumar Diplomats Inc., Peelamedu


THE painful truth in India is that normally parents do not accept friendship between a teenage boy and girl.

Though our culture is not against such friendship, one must remember that we are still living in a conservative society.

C. K. Premkumar Rathinapuri

Atrue friend is the one who cares like a mother, protects like a father and loves like a spouse. Friendship multiplies our joy and divides our sorrows. Making good friendship is an art.

Learn the art! Win a heart!

V. Mahalingam Research Scholar (Chemistry), Bharathiar University

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