Darkness to light

BREATHE EASY Black signified those who don’t care for their planet; while white those who take the first step toward making a difference

BREATHE EASY Black signified those who don’t care for their planet; while white those who take the first step toward making a difference   | Photo Credit: Photo: Sampath Kumar G.P.

A nature-inspired line of clothing that wasn’t green, but black and white, observes Latika R. Chuganey

To think green you don’t really need to wear the colour green. At least that is what Earth Easy, a fashion show in the city, seemed to say with its take on nature. Designer Namrata G. revved up the evening with her simple yet elegant close-to-nature collection in black and white.

A stunning mix of black and white, the line was inspired by the shades of darkness and the dawn. A comment on modernism, globalisation and the speed at which we are all moving towards growth and success, the line was an eye opener for GenX to slow down and discover the mysteries and realities of nature.

“Humans posses an inner faculty which plants and animals do not have. They have the power to discover the secrets of nature and gain mastery over the environment. And they have a special responsibility to use this God-given power for positive ends,” said Namrata G, fashion stylist, Kairos.

“My collection is an exercise to depict the closeness of humans with nature and our responsibility towards nature.”

Dominated by evening and corporate wear, the collection comprises breathable easy textures in western silhouettes. The colour black signifies ignorance and darkness in which humans are absorbed not caring for their planet, while white signifies light and a new dawn, bringing together responsible individuals who take the first step toward making a difference.

The 60s-inspired collection flaunted empire waistlines, layered skirts, patialas and harem pants with floral prints — all depicting a greener planet. Breathe easy textured shirts and loose drawstring pants defined the cool male look. The collection was an exotic and rare combination of trendy modern wear with a touch of tradition.Models Aryan Vaid, Tarun Arora and many others walked the ramp. Taking the green theme further, three models gifted saplings to three people in the audience. They were even told that it must be planted around their home, and will be examined after three months by the models themselves! This was a small exercise to create awareness. All guests were also gifted with a sapling.

To complement all the glitzy couture was a banquet fit for a king. The European Culinary Sojourn was a gastronomical delight. Lip-smacking dishes included classics like the French bouillabaisse, coq au vin, and British roast leg of lamb with mint sauce, Spanish gazpacho and paella valencia.

The event was presented by ITC Windsor in order to create awareness on global warming and various other attempts to save the planet. The hospitality group has designed a month of activities for Bangaloreans.

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