Darkness deciphered

Darkness united men to lead a social life

Darkness is beautiful. It is ubiquitous and universal. Light highlights and darkness hides. Light is shallow and darkness is deep. Light is begotten by darkness. Light is not absolute. We have darkness dispersed even during the day and its intensity decides the hour. Transparency is utopia and translucence reality. Shades of trees, shadows of beings, shelters of buildings are all darkness dissolved in doses.

Aversion for darkness is apartheid we practise towards nature. It is the apathy for darkness, which leads to an abhorrence of black. We are scared, for darkness requires awareness. It is mysterious and leaves the location unpredictable. Darkness is an equalizer. Differentiation disappears when darkness descends. Anyone who wants to be supercilious prefers light and limelight to project and proclaim his features. Lights have gradation. Man started with torches and has ended with high mast lamps. It is a journey from hurricane lamp to halogen bulbs; florescence to phosphorescence. Lights have a line of intriguing evolution; from mud to mercury. Darkness is the same. It cannot be manoeuvred or manipulated. It is infallible, impeccable and immaculate. It is omnipresent. The darkness of womb is creative and that of tomb is putrefying. Place prefers utility. Darkness united men to lead a social life. Men, united due to fear and got fragmented because of envy. Sharing the fear induced by darkness led to congregations. Light brought civilisation but destroyed culture.

More the intensity of dark background, more is the luminosity of light. Every sound and light show banks on darkness for effect. All our books are imprints of darkness. Wisdom has only dark footprints. White paper gets honoured just when black ink caresses it. What we click brightness is carried to dark to develop. Opposites make the organic whole. Death is the greatest black hole. Phobia for death is nothing but brooding over brewing fear to face the ultimate darkness. Darkness helps to rest, whether temporary or eternal. `Sleep, the counterfeit of death', requires outer darkness to facilitate and the real one creates inner darkness.

Darkness brings light. In spirituality, dark night experience precedes awakening. Light is a distraction and we close our eyes to listen to absorbing pieces of immortal music. Meditation, the route to enlightenment is possible only by shutting the sense of sight. Extremes beget extremes. Light, which makes buds to blossom, causes them to scorch in excess. Night is natural shelter for the homeless and orphans. It upholds an umbrella to provide relief to labourers. We are all the children of night. Time is an ever-flowing endless river with no confluence. We measure the immeasurable and count the incalculable. If greater lights were created only on third day, how was it distinguished as the third day? The longevity of time elongates in night and diminishes in day.

Darkness hints at the agony of blindness. Lack of vision is permanent darkness. In the dark, the tips of fingers become the pupils and the tactile substitute the visual. Excess illumination is also dizzying for it first dazzles and then blinds. Dawn is fabulous and it conveys activity and urge. Dusk is equally marvellous for it represents rest and fulfillment. The chirping birds set out for prey in morning and return to nest for rest at sunset. They view sky as an innumerable network of invisible nest work. Darkness has got nothing to do with obscurity. All shady transactions take place in broad daylight. Our screens deceive more. Light has become decorated deception and darkness in disguise. Darkness is relative. What is darkness to sparrow is light to owl. Nature of nocturnal or diurnal quality decides visibility. Night and light are not competitive but complementary to each other. They are the two sides of the same coin. Before nature, pine and grass are of the same height. Weed was not the creation of existence. It was the invention of man. The gloomy heart is more harmful than the pitchy room.


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