Dare to dream?

Chutki (Antara Mali) has stardust in her eyes

Chutki (Antara Mali) has stardust in her eyes  

Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon


Cast: Antara Mali,Rajpal Yadav

Dir: Chandan Arora

DREAMS BY definition have to be impossible. Otherwise, they would be everyday reality. So, dreaming comes easily and without responsibility. The trick is to turn that dream into reality, and this is where the daring of Chutki - the protagonist in Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon played by Antara Mali - comes in. A teenage girl of Gajraula village, she dreams to become Madhuri Dixit. She idolises Madhuri; dances like her at village functions and `nautanki'.

The whole village calls her `Madhuri of Gajraula'. There is Raja, son of the village `sarpanch', played by Rajpal Yadav, who loves her. He is a motivating factor for Chutki, shares her dream, lives it and encourages her to realise it. There are other motivating factors too. Her friends, sister, father and the whole village.

But the mother smells a rat. So, she must marry now. Marry and live in peace with husband, forget about her `filmi' dream.

But if there is a will, there is a way. The way that can be suggested by two people only: one who loves you or one who can take you for a ride. There are ways to enter the film industry too, by hook or crook, bribe or bash, but not if one does not have the calibre, and looks!

The dream seller city of Mumbai is not as good as the dream itself. Here people come with dreams, go repenting on it! The film is about love. It's about sacrifice. It is about reliving Madhuri Dixit on screen. Madhuri of the days of yore. Antara Mali, when she performs the actress, is excellent. At places, she overacts. Rajpal Yadav is superb. He has the power to get identified with those we see in our neighbourhood, plain and simple.

Who cries when you are in tears, smiles when you are happy and lives because you do!

He impresses you so much that you don't mind Antara's overacting at times, or some tedious scenes of Mumbai studios!

Ramgopal Varma factory's Chandan Arora makes you live a dream with Chutki, teaches you love without any element of sex through Raja and takes you to a journey of the film world and its realities, good and bad. Watch it if you dare a dream, watch it if you have someone to share this dream and watch it if you don't mind some seductive dance numbers!


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