Customised office lunch

HEALTH-CONSCIOUS Vaishali Garg is careful about overdoing the oil and ghee in her lunches

HEALTH-CONSCIOUS Vaishali Garg is careful about overdoing the oil and ghee in her lunches  

And now you can log into a website to have hot parathas delivered to your office at lunchtime

Vaishali Garg wants her new company FoodBuzz to "make parathas a brand like pizzas". This one time Brand Manager and MBA graduate has now got into lunch delivery, sending parathas and mini meals across to corporates within 40 minutes of their ordering it. She targets it at office-goers who are tired of the predictable canteen offerings and want a quick change, which they can eat at their cubicle. FoodBuzz's neatly cellophane-wrapped lunches arrive with plastic cutlery, napkins and free chutney, sparing employees who've missed the office lunch timings the annoyance of scraping together leftovers and eating in a deserted canteen.

FoodBuzz doesn't require you to be a member or pay a deposit, you can order food from them just like a restaurant and if your canteen lunch costs you Rs. 35, this is only a little bit more, and no delivery charge. You can also order on the website which, being simple and graphics-free, opens up immediately and allows you to customise your meal. Most of the menu comprises parathas and if you click on aloo paratha for instance, you are given a recommendation of how many you should order to sate you (in this case, three).

The parathas are Rs. 15 each and the dahi Rs. 10 and you can also choose rajma or dal or a rice combo called a mini meal. Click the `send' button and pay on delivery. Vaishali emphasises that she is aiming to provide food cooked like it would be at home: "People are amazed when they find I use real Nandini ghee and branded oils such as Saffola or Sundrop," she says. But corporates are increasingly health conscious, so she doesn't overdo the oil and those parathas which are calorific, come with a warning.

Begun quite recently, FoodBuzz shies away from calling itself a catering service. It's a professionally run company, says Vaishali, who began it after quitting Wipro to have a baby, and she's looking to quickly expand into more localities and build a core team of good managers and people familiar with kitchen processes. In keeping with its techie image, FoodBuzz is in Beta Tasting mode at the moment. Similar to `Beta Testing' used for new products in software companies, FoodBuzz's Beta Tasting is its trial run; everything is on a 50 per cent discount (the calculations are made for you on their site) and you're encouraged to give them feedback — much needed in these early days. Vaishali takes calls herself on 94482 73711.


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