Jin from Korea taking nature cure treatment. ---- Photo: K.R. Deepak

Jin from Korea taking nature cure treatment. ---- Photo: K.R. Deepak  

Just think of the hassles you face every day whether at work spot or at home. Even though these are often trivial, over a period, they add up building up pressure, until you are ready to burst out with anger and frustration. Such stress-related health troubles have become common. It is predicted that by 2015, about a third of the Indian population is in danger of being inflicted with hypertension and diabetes.

Modern lifestyle with increasing workload has made people vulnerable to a lot of health hazards. Many office-goers complain of severe back pain or suffer from acute spondylitis on account of sedantic work style.

In such a condition, imagine a remedy that will not only help reduce all these problems but also promise a better and healthy life ahead. This is the magic of 'nature cure', which is getting more popular these days.

"People are becoming more and more health-conscious and they now want a simple and effective solution. The whole concept of nature cure revolves around the idea of utilising the natural resources to cure illnesses," says Dr. Tulasi Rao, who takes care of the patients who come for treatment in the Yoga Village on Beach Road.

Persons suffering from back pain, hypertension, constipation and arthritis come to Yoga Village for treatment. "We administer treatment like osteotherapy, hydrotherapy and mudtherapy depending upon the specific problem of patients," he says.

Fifty-five-year-old D. Padkonda was suffering from constipation for the last 15 years. Allopathic treatment provided little relief to him. He lost a lot of kilograms and appetite. "I still dread to think of those days," he recalls. "After I came here for treatment, things are much better."

Dr. Rao says: "We administered liquid diet therapy on Padkonda for the first five days since his digestion and assimilation capacity were not in order, and slowly he was graduated to a balanced diet with extra fibre. Padkonda was given mud and hydrotherapy also on a regular basis till he regained his original form back again.

Mud has chemical, mechanical and thermal properties, which are very useful in healing a lot of illnesses. "A full mud bath is an excellent remedy to treat chronic hypertension. A wet mud pack, if applied below the navel region, helps to reduce constipation," Dr. Rao avers.

Hydrotherapy helps to treat acute back pain and hypertension. For this, the patient is asked to lie down on a spinal tub filled with cold water "to treat hypertension" or hot water "for patients suffering from back pain".

Foreign tourists have also been attracted to this novel way of natural curing common health problems. "Whenever I come to Visakhapatnam, I drop in here to get an hour of treatment every day for relaxation. I feel rejuvenated and completely refreshed after each session," says Patricia of Dublin who comes down to the city at least once a year.

Jin from Korea adds, "Yoga and nature cure have become popular in my country as well. If you can get rid of any health problems through natural techniques, what more do you want?" She, too, comes to Yoga Village regularly for massage and treatment.

B. Venkatpathy Raju (69) was a hypertension patient for the last two decades. "In spite of taking drugs and visiting doctors regularly, there was no effect. In three days of my joining here, my BP became normal," he says.

"We have a systematic diet schedule for each patient. Many drug patients also come here for de-addiction purposes. This is a natural process to cure the illnesses, so it takes a longer time. But the effects are long lasting," Dr. Rao avers.


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