Crystalline grace

SWAROVSKI, THE world leader in the manufacture of full cut crystal has launched Antonio, their Annual Edition 2003 and the second piece in the ongoing Magic of Dance trilogy exclusively for their Collector's Society (SCS) members. Antonio follows the highly appreciated Isadora Duncan - the Annual Edition with which the Magic of Dance trilogy was launched in 2002 with the launch of the society in India.

Antonio would be available for order by members from the authorised dealers only till December 2003, after which the third and final piece of the trilogy would be unveiled. Antonio, is a highly expressive piece named after Antonio Ruiz Soler, one of the first Flamenco dancers to achieve world fame.

Martin Zendron, the designer of the piece has succeeded in representing a whole palette of emotions in crystal through the Antonio. To symbolise the fascination of Latin Dance, the Swarovski Collectors Society has chosen the figure of the flamenco dancer Antonio to be part of the dance trilogy. For Zendron, the task of interpreting the attitude and emotion of the dance through the medium of crystal presented a huge challenge. The dancer's flowing shirt with its myriad precision - cut facets is a shining example of Swarovski's legendary crystal expertise.

"While working I always listened to typical guitar music for inspiration. During the modelling process I practically allowed myself to be guided by the music," says Zendron. Antonio comes with a certificate signed by Swarovski and designer Martin Zendron, guaranteeing the authenticity of this remarkable piece. Antonio also bears an endogram of the Swarovski logo with the year of issue and the designer's initials.

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