Crystal trip

SAY SWAROVSKI and you are transported into a world of sinfully beautiful, twinkling lovelies. For Diwali, there is range of elegant home accessories and jewellery from the world famous crystal people.

The introductions include Cocktail, Red and White wine glasses, colonna candleholders and starlet picture frames among other pieces.

The colonna candleholder, available in three sizes, combines crystal and cherry wood. Swarovski has added three new models to its "crystalline" series of glasses. This elegant glass series is fundamentally classic in design.

It is the stems, filled with a myriad of tiny crystal stones that turn them into glittering eye-catchers and highlight the unique quality of the collection.

Crystal trip

The cup stem and crystal base are each secured by two small chrome-plated metal elements. The cocktail glass is designed so that it can safely be chilled in the deep freeze before making its spectacular appearance.

If you want your favourite picture set in a dazzling frame, go for the Starlet picture frame. With its border filled with tiny crystals, your pictures will have a lovely dazzle.

The Dualita vase designed by Pekka Toivanen redefines functional beauty. An elegant arch in pointillage - an ornamental technique, which encrusts the surface with crystals, connects two cylindrical vases.

And for all of you who love surprises and freebies, Swarovski is offering gifts on every purchase made.

So rush to Vaishnavi Jewellers, Topaz building or Shopper's Stop for that dash of glitter.

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