Credit card misuse

I OWN a credit card and have never revealed my PIN number to anyone.

Neither have I ever used my card to withdraw cash from any ATM cash point.

But, money has fraudulently been withdrawn using my credit card number.

I can prove that my card has never been out of my possession and that there is no necessity for me withdraw money from ATM cash points, which attracts an interest rate of 36 per cent.

Since many ATMs frauds are solved by file pictures taken from the electronic surveillance camera installed inside ATMs, I have repeatedly requested credit card authorities to provide me the same.

But, they are not ready to entertain my request and have been harassing me to repay the money taken by someone else. I am ready to surrender my credit card to any lab to prove that it has never been swiped.

The card authorities are taking shelter under irrelevant rules and terms and conditions.

Can any technical or legal expert, well versed in electronic funds transfer, tell me what a common man caught in such a situation can do to protect himself?

C. V. V. Rathnam

11, Vellingiri Nagar South,

Navavoor Privu.

Parking fees

I HAD to utilise the parking facility at the Corporation Parking Lot, near the city Town Hall recently.

The attendant asked me to pay Rs. five as parking charges but issued a ticket on which the rate was printed as Rs. three.

When asked why he was collecting an extra Rs. two, he said the receipt was outdated.

Can the authorities clarify what is the correct rate for parking?

K. Venkateswaran,

B1/101, Sreevatsa Gardens,

Coimbatore 641034.

Blocked street

THE RESIDENTS of Ponnaian Street near Crosscut Road are being put to undue disturbance by vehicles belonging to a wholesale pharmaceutical company.

The entire street is dominated by the company's vehicles, inconveniencing other residents. As a result, it becomes very difficult to bring in or take out our vehicles, particularly in an emergency.

Adding to this, the construction going on in the company premises has resulted in a lot of waste being dumped on the street corner. The authorities concerned should look into the matter and restore neatness on the street.

Lion J S Rao

468, Ponnaian Street, Crosscut Road

Coimbatore - 641 012.

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