Creativity as prayer

Fresh interpretation Members of the dance group

Fresh interpretation Members of the dance group   | Photo Credit: PHOTO: K.V. SRINIVASAN

Alekhya: Spilling Ink presents a dance theatre production on Friday

What if we take religion out of God?” asked Vijay Palarpaty, project lead, dancer and writer of Alekhya: Spilling Ink, a dance theatre production. Explaining the production that is to premiere on November 23 (7 p.m.) at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (Mylapore), Vijay said that it is an exploration of how “you can bring God next to you, as a friend.” And for this they use “creativity as a prayer.”

The production involves classical dance and music traditions of South India, and poetry and theatre in English. Though the production has influences from contemporary dance, African-American, Odissi and Kuchipudi, “the foundation is Bharatanatyam,” stressed the members. It will “mirror” the margam format and will feature jatiswaram, varnam and thillana composed by Madurai N. Krishnan. There will also be pieces on a song on lord Shiva and a poem by Subramania Bharathiar. Explaining the form, dancer Nalini Prakash said, “In the guru-shisya parampara you are handed down ways to express dance pieces. And as we grow as dancers, we can reconstruct the same pieces as we look at it. This is such a reconstruction, and it uses a little bit from other dance forms.” The themes are usually mythological, added Nalini. “To reach a wider audience who may not be familiar with the mythologies, we focus on themes that they can relate to.” For example, in the line that talks of how goddess Lakshmi reincarnates to be with lord Vishnu, the group focuses on how a woman is always by a man’s side. Added Vijay, “Their togetherness.” The other performers in the group are Padma S. Raghavan, Ashwini Viswanathan and K.B. Madhusudanan. Jennifer Schaupp from Pennsylvania is the theatre artiste and literary consultant for the group.

The admittance to the show is free.


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