Crazy humour and much more

Expressive Successful stage performer   | Photo Credit: Photo: R. Ashok

Crazy Mohan tells G. PRASAD in his typical witty style that he is actually Lazy Mohan

He does not mind the prefix “Crazy” that goes with his name. Rather he has come to like it. And why not given his craze for writing humour and all of which makes the audience simply go crazy. Thats ‘Crazy Mohan’, the master of clean comedy.

“Penning comedy is serious business. More so, is enacting it. The sole aim is to make people laugh. When efforts to evoke laughter fail, then naturally the show is a big let down. Isn’t it serious?” asks the veteran dramatist.

Entry to tinsel town

A production engineer, Mohan’s debut play ‘Crazy Thieves in Palavakkam’ was a run-away hit. Then followed a series of successful stage performances. His entry into tinsel town was with Balachander’s movie ‘Poikal Kuthirai’ for which he wrote the dialogues. The film itself was based on Mohan’s drama ‘Marriage made in Saloon.’

Next came the evergreen comedy flick ‘Kathanayagan.’ But it was not till ‘Apoorva Sagodarargal’ that Mohan chose stage and cinema as a full time profession. Largely Kamal Hasan’s assurance and support drove him as he still remembers the words of the versatile actor : “I will take care of your future.”

Association with Kamal

He lived up to Kamal’s expectations and from ‘Apoorva Sakodarargal’ to ‘Vasool Raja M.B.B.S’ the combination has jelled superbly. “Kamal is everything for me. In the beginning we had a professional relationship, then we became friends and now we are more like relatives. He reposed lot of faith in me and thank God I delivered the goods,” he says gratefully.

Mohan is all praise for Kamal’s sense of humour, flexibility and all round ability. He feels that not many top stars would accept to do a full-length comedy film like Kamal. “He has a special inclination towards humour and I consider Kamal as a combination of ‘Sivaji’ Ganesan and Nagesh. We used to discuss a lot before finalising the script and I would cite ‘Dasavatharam’ as a good example for that. We began discussion for the movie ever since Kamal started working for ‘Vettaiyadu Vilayadu’,” he says.

For entertainment

Does Mohan believe in giving a message through his comedy? “My humour is meant for thorough entertainment of the masses. I am not a postman to give messages,” he quips.

Mohan’s definition of humour is simple and straight: “It cannot be explained, but can only be sensed. Writing humour is a dynamic meditation.”

But is he for some serious stuff? “No I don’t want to divert my attention. Spontaneity is very important in cinema and I am more comfortable in my area of interest.”

Experience with Rajni

Mohan has also worked with Rajnikant in the film ‘Arunachalam’ and cherishes the experience. He considers the opportunity a reward for his sustained hard work. And when superstar appreciated his efforts, he admits that his joy knew no bounds. “Not only in ‘Arunachalam,’ he called me one fine day after the release of ‘Aaha’ and congratulated me for the good work. That shows the greatness of the man,” he says.

Despite recognition in the glamorous film word, Mohan’s passion for drama is very much intact and he asserts stage is more important for him.

Mass appeal

“But for it I wouldn’t have been in this position. Our Crazy Creations is very popular abroad and we have staged more than 100 shows in US alone. It is an enough proof that drama still has mass appeal,” he says making a special mention about his brother ‘Maadhu’ Balaji’s sacrifice.

“Balaji rejected so many cine offers for the sake of drama. For him stage is everything and I doubt whether Crazy Creations would have existed for so long without him.”

‘Jery’ is one film that is very close to Mohan’s heart. Kanthan, who directs Mohan’s plays, wielded the megaphone for the first time in cinema. Also the film features Mohan’s entire theatre team.

“I did the story and screenplay for the film. It was an average success, but a very satisfying effort. We are planning the next movie that is to be produced by GV Films with Prasanna in the lead,” he reveals.

An avid artist, Mohan says that he would have ended up as a cartoonist, hadn’t he been into playwriting.

“It is my first hobby. Even when busy, I allot some time for painting. It’s more of a relaxation for me and helps me to be more creative,” he says.

How does he manage to wear so many hats? “Don’t ask me that. People call me Crazy Mohan but I am actually Lazy Mohan. And that’s how I describe myself,” he laughs.