Craft that she calls art

A-19-year old Louisiana-based artist, Neha Gupta showcased her debut craft as art in New Delhi's The Ashoka hotel this past week. The exhibition was titled Ceramic Murals. Odissi exponent Sharon Lowen inaugurated it. The event also saw the presence of shehnai players Sanjeev and Ashwin Shankar and Bharatnatyam dancer Pratibha Prahlad. "There is a gentle and lovely use of texture in the background as well as a creative manner of presentation that is rarely seen. The message being displayed is about joy and peace and her technique is quite good," exclaimed Lowen. Well, ifan Olympic torch with a background in shades of blues titled ` jyoti jalate chalo' is creative and rare, then it was indeed one. Unfortunately, her works were quite contrary to its title. These were no murals by any definition and no proper ceramics either. She "called them so" because she used "ceramic powder mixed with Fevicol as a media."

High price

Pursuing art as a hobby Neha priced her works at Rs.18000 and above. Redressing titles with explanatory lines in Hindi and Sanskrit, her works seemed quite juvenile. She used semi precious stones in almost all of her works. She reasoned the employment of the same as, "It is because of my creativity which comes so natural to me and my sense of colour combination." She said she had used fabric paints because of their long lasting benefits and the beautiful effect it added to her shades. She also tried to reflect a a 3-D element in her creations. One example was a glittering pink butterfly almost popping out of the frame. A couple of ` ganeshas' bearing resemblance to a typical Indian wedding card cover, also found mention in her works. Caught unaware of the intentions, she said rather candidly, "I have taken the motif from wedding cards only and assorted it with my own imagination."INA GOEL

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