Coming shortly... a multiplex in Noida

IF THERE is something that is drawing cinemagoers' attention in Delhi and adjoining areas, it is cinema halls more than the cinema itself. It is no longer that one film hall, where people would flock to see `matini show'.

New Delhi and Ghaziabad have recently come up with a line of new cinema halls. It is now Noida that is all set to join the list. Sector 18 of Noida will soon see its first-ever multiplex with a cineplex and first-ever five-star in the city.

Located cheek by jowl with Film City, the multiplex besides a number of eateries and shopping joints, boasts of five halls at one place. They are likely to have a seating capacity of 1850 people. They claim to be ready to provide the best for cinemagoers with fully air-conditioned complex backup by complete power support, 14 escalator and two capsule lifts. Satish Dhawan from Shipra informs, "We have imported chairs from abroad. They are made of best of technology, are very expensive and most comfortable." The rows of seats will have more leg space and a luxury of an armchair. They promise that you would feel like lying in a lounge at home while enjoying a home theatre.

Coming shortly... a multiplex in Noida

"We have poly sound system that makes all enjoy music from all quarters and the mall boasts of piped music throughout the day. Moreover, it has concession stands surrounded by all major catering brands," says Monish Bhalla, the marketing personnel.

Admission rates? "Competitive, within a layman's reach. They will be lesser than Delhi," they say.

To be operational in about a month with multinational giants like McDonalds, Barista, Geoffrey, Ruby Tuesday, Benetton, Reebok and Adidas, etc likely to have their outlets here. Interestingly, about 5000 are likely to pay a visit to the Cineplex any given day initially.

Spread across two acres, the mall is claimed to be the largest in the country with a huge parking space of up to five acres. Around 1300 cars can be parked at any given time. So, be ready to shop and stop on your way to the latest Amitabh Bachchan film.