Comic hero

RAVI TEJA is known as a comic action hero in Telugu after films such as "Idiot" and "Amma Naana O' Tamil Ammayi" became big hits. Though he tried to shed his funny image in the past, it did not work. Today, Ravi's films sell as they are in the comedy genre and he is known as the Jim Carrey of Telugu for his wacky action comedies.

Now our comic star's new film is "Dongudu" directed by Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao, releasing this week. The film is a remake of Malayalam blockbuster "Meesa Madhavan" and it is an ideal role for Ravi. He plays a petty thief who is loved and adored by everyone in the village, but hated by his own uncle. Kalyani is his uncle's daughter who falls in love with him. "Dongudu" is a hilarious comedy with action and good songs tuned by Vidyasagar.