Comic capers

ADORABLE THIEF: Madhava (Ravitheja) romances Rukmini (Kalyani).  

Dongodu (TELUGU)

Cast: Raviteja, Kalyani, Rekha

Music: Vidyasagar

Dir: Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao

A TALENTED director, Bheemineni Srinivasa Rao, is however not confident about the success of his ventures. That is perhaps the reason why he prefers to associate himself with remake ventures. So, for his latest film Dongodu made under his own banner, Goodwill Cinema, launched recently, Bheemineni adapted the Malayalam hit Meesa Madhavan.

A pure comical entertainer, the movie is about the title character Madhavan, a thief who is honoured, respected, loved and admired, rather than hated. `Thievery', considered to be one of the `64 art forms' prescribed by ancient scholars, is artistic and observes certain norms.There might be different reasons for taking up robbery as a profession. Madhava (Ravitheja) in the movie uses this not only as a means to get even with those who insulted him but also to help others.

He decides to rob to raise money for the marriage of the daughter of a poor police constable, Venkateswara Rao (Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao), when his childhood friend Rukmini (Kalyani) challenges him.

The director tries to make these adventures as humorous as possible. Madhava's main target is moneylender Naidu (Tanikella Bharani), who dragged his ailing father (Chandramohan) out of his house into the rain as he failed to repay the money he borrowed from Naidu in time. Consequently, Madhava's father dies.

Despite knowing that Naidu kept the property papers, mortgaged by his father, in his iron safe, Madhava leaves the papers there displaying honesty while looting the house. . That way he wants to prove he is an honest thief.

The director gave a mannerism to Madhava - he curls up his long moustache, as if challenging the other person that he will loot his house.

Meanwhile, Naidu gets a new police officer posted there to tackle Madhava. The sub-inspector fabricates a case with the help of Naidu and his assistant (Dharmavarapu). Madhava suspects that his sweetheart Rukmini has connived with her father Naidu in implicating him and refuses to marry her. But still, Rukmini helps Madhava tide over the problem of getting his sister married to the one she loved. Rest moves on expected lines.

The primary source of humour is rested in the characters played by Ali, Uttej and Sunil, friends of Madhava. Tanikella and Dharmavarapu are used more for dialogue-oriented comedy. Paruchuri and Riyaz Khan essayed their roles well. Dialogue writer Maruduri Raja proves again that he can create native humour. Ravitheja plays the role that looks made for him with ease. This being more a dialogue drama, the sound track that runs behind should have been mellowed down in sound mixing. There is no clarity in dialogue. Kalyani looks quite homely, though not glamorous. The tunes being just okay, songs don't make any dent on the film.