Comedy time

Watch classic Tamil and French comedies at Alliance Francaise

The Alliance Francaise of Madras (AFM) in association with ICAF is screening Tamil and French comedy films till November 23.

Today at 6.30 p.m. at AFM auditorium “Mohammed Bin Tughlak”, a film adaptation of a successful stage play will be shown. The film is a satire on politicians. Rangachari, an archaeologist, unearths the graves of two historical figures, Ibn Batuta and Mohammed bin Tughlaq. The plot weaves the various manoeuvres a political party indulges in to stay in power. The film has been written and directed by popular playwright, stage artiste and journalist Cho Ramaswamy.

On November 21, “RRRrrr!!!!” will be screened. In 35,000 BC, the tribe of the Dirty Hair is in war against the tribe of the Clean Hair for 800 years trying to get their shampoo. The chief of Dirty Hair sends his daughter Guy disguised to the enemy to get some shampoo for his tribe. But a grave event takes centre-stage.

“Thillu Mullu” will be shown on November 22 (6.30 p.m.). Chandran is a hip graduate who gets a job through a family doctor. The employer, Ramachandramurthy has some peculiar notions about men sporting moustaches, patriotism, recreation etc. Chandran changes himself to please his boss. He wears a Nehru-jacket and shows no interest in sports. His plan goes for a toss when he lies about his (dead) mother’s accident to watch a hockey match.

On the last, November 23 (6.30), the classic Tamil film “Bhama Vijayam” will be screened. A middle class widower (Balaya) lives with his three sons and their families — Major Sundarajan (a professor) and Sowcar Janaki, Muthuraman (clerk) and Kanchana and Nagesh (insurance agent) and Jayanthi. Balaya keeps the family together and has a tight control over the expenses. A cinema actor (Rajashri) comes to live next door. The three daughters-in-law want to create a good impression on her and decide to borrow and renovate their house. Balaya worried that his sons are living beyond their means, decides to teach them a lesson.

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