Colourful fare

Choose from a range of handicrafts and fabrics at the Lepakshi expo

Variety is the buzzword at the Lepakshi handicrafts and handloom fair under way at the Jayams Hall on Race Course Road.

Clay wall hangings from Bengal, mirror-worked Gujarati bags, Hyderabadi pearl jewellery and cotton sarees from Orissa and crafts from every part of the country are on display here.

Colourful fare

A wide range of accessories for your home is also available. Models on clay, from the Sun god to Ganesha, are priced between Rs. 40 and Rs. 150.

Musical wall hangings made of light wood are on show too.

Exquisite terracotta pottery given a coating of paint is bound to draw your attention. Certain innovative creations like that of a Ganesha on a Shivalinga done on copper and aluminium is also on display.

More than 100 models of Ganesha from that of the God in yogic postures to one swinging merrily are a delight. You can also choose you pick from wood handicrafts. An antique telephone stand made of Saharanpur wood is a marvel and comes at Rs. 5,400.

Cotton lovers have a rich variety to choose from — dress materials and sarees from across the country are part of the show. Machchilipatnam vegetable kalamkari work done on salwar kameez materials and Mangalagiri sarees too are available.

Special mention should be made of the elegant Santiniketan printed silk sarees priced between Rs. 250 and Rs. 4,500. Hand-embroidered bed sheets are available for Rs 720.

There are also Orissa cotton sarees and dress materials with ethnic tie and dye work priced between Rs. 350 and Rs. 1,400.

Pochampalli prints from Andhra Pradesh, Lucknawi Chikan dress materials and silk sarees with Kantha work are being exhibited.

Ornaments embedded with precious and semi-precious stones adorn the jewellery stalls. Elegant Hyderabadi pearl chains, necklaces studded with Jaipur stones and corals and `one gram gold' jewellery are available.

On display are jute and bamboo chains as also terracotta and Hyderabadi bangles. There are also bed sheets from Haryana, bamboo fans, grass mats and Warangal durries.

You can also get a taste of spicy Andhra pickles here, including red chilli, tomato, gongura, amla and lemon. There are also 40 varieties of mouth freshners - imli goli, kesar ilaichi, salted amla ... it goes on.

A 20 per cent discount is available on all handloom items, while handicrafts come at a 10 per cent discount. Curtains come down on the sale on August 28.

Anima Balakrishnan

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