Christmas is for you

"DO YOU hear what I hear?' said the night wind to the lamb.

`Yes the sound of bells heralding peace and joy!'

`Do you see what I see?' said the night wind to the lamb.

`Yes a Star dancing in the night!' "

Christmas brings in the flavour of `puddingumpies' topped with ample scoops of mirth and glee. But more than this, it is for people who believe in the power of love. Do you believe that love is the strongest thing in the world? Stronger than hate, stronger than evil, stronger than death? Then Christmas is for you.

The aura of Christmas is special. The star lit streets, the popping sound of wine bottles with its tangy aroma, the midnight mass, the whiff of freshly baked cakes, the sensuous shudder caused by the nip in the cool December air, all create the magic that is Christmas. It brings out the best in us as it makes a miserable soul smile and a miser generous. Even the stingy Uncle Scrooge is said to have let a few coins slip through his clenched fists during Christmas.

No other season emphasises love and charity more. The three wonderful men on camel backs laden with gifts for the Babe in the manger has a much more deeper significance. For this original deed is believed to have introduced the spirit of charity and fostered the joy of giving in man. The divine message spread through this angelic act of bringing gifts to a Babe born in a humble cattle shed is- Give to the needy and you give to God.

Nobody is alone at Christmas. The wind may be cold and the night dark but it is believed to be the time God chooses to dwell within our hearts. The magic of Christmas also comes in brightening other people's hearts and easing each other's burdens.

The joy of this season heals the mind from bitterness, prejudices and all ills that make one insecure today, as it is said that peace and joy on earth will come to stay only when we live Christmas everyday. For this blessed season believes that the joy you give is the joy you get. So make your Christmas special this time.


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