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Ishq Hai Tumse... Sony Music... Rs. 55

SINCE THE theme is love, the songs revolve around it. Himesh Reshamiyya's tunes for this film is just about average fare. Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik sing most of the songs. Quite a few of the songs (like Dil Dil and O Soniya) have overtones of Nadeem-Shravan's compositions. K.K. and Hema Sardesai sound different in Lutf De Gayee. The remix of O Soniya has more life than the main one. The album can be given a miss.


Mee Intikoste Yem Istaru Maa Intikoste Yem Testaru... Supreme... Rs. 9.99

FILMMAKERS ARE really going great lengths to check piracy. Like the makers of Mee Intikoste... , for instance, who released the audiocassette for just Rs. 9.99 (the manufacturing cost itself exceeds Rs. 10). They have done away with the plastic case and used a paper case instead. And the producers also have another reason for selling it at a lower price - about 20 per cent of the proceeds procured from the sales of the album will be donated to a few Home for the Aged institutions, as announced in the album.

As for the songs, Shankar Mahadevan along with Mahalakshmi keep listeners tuned in with their Chamakku chakkerakeli. Ee vela ee kalyanayogam choopindi ela sarikotta vatam... , which follows, sounds like a classical keertana remixed to suit the modern era using modern instruments.

Taha taha taalamo and Jaaripotaandi (sounds like Nuvvu yaadikelte aadikosta Suvarna song) are raunchy and just about okay. Cinemallo gaani by Vasundhara Das is a cute song with catchy lyrics (and sounds like Chadti jawani remix) followed by Aa devudi varame nuvvu. Guess Ghantadi Krishna kept in mind the nature of each song before composing its tune - which is lacking in many composers nowadays. Good attempt.

Premayanamaha... Aditya Music... Rs. 30

Chords & Notes

AN AUDIO release function seems to make a significant promotional point on the film-makers' mission. The Premayanamaha team had an innovative ceremony recently to release their audio. Ramesh Erra meets the mood of the film - which seems to be a love story happening on the shores of Godavari and New York. Credit should also go to Chandrabose for his lyrics, which are native in spirit. Take Telugintloni Tulasimokka for example, sung by Mallikarjun and Sudharani, the number brings alive the beauty and sweetness of all that is Telugu . America..Amercia is a slightly peppy number by Sandeep and Sunitha. Hariharan's Gadilo..Madhilo..has a stamp of his mature rendition. Sunitha supports him ably. The rest of the songs by Raghu Kunche and Lenina Chowdhury are refreshing and sound pleasing to the ear. Good music, bound to impact the movie.

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