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Khakee... Ram Sampat (T-Series, Rs. 55)

THE MOVIE was in the news when Aishwarya Rai had an accident on the sets. Ram Sampat has set the tunes to Sameer's lyrics. Music-wise, there is nothing new. The only worthwhile song is Wada raha which is sung in three different versions, by Arnab Chakravorty, Shreya Ghoshal, Udit Narayan and Sonu Nigam. All the versions sound more or less the same. Youn Hi tum mujhse gives one a sense of d�j� vu. Shreya and Sonu put in their best in the slow songs and the remix number Dil dooba.

On the flip side, Mere Maula has a Sufi touch in a fairly familiar tune. Aisa Jadoo has a slightly peppy beat with Sunidhi Chauhan's crooning matching it.

Tera Ishq... Hans Raj Hans/Uttam Singh (Music Today, Rs. 65)

Chords & Notes

SUFI MUSIC is very much in these days. The Sufi touch is evident in all genres - be it pop or qawwali. Hans Raj Hans, a well-known name in Punjabi folk music and Sufiyana kalam, teams up with music director Uttam Singh for the album.

The kalams are written by names such as Bulleh Shah, Waris Shah, Shah Hussain and Miyan Mohammed Hussain. The lyrics are laden with meaning, though a little difficult to understand.

The music varies from composition to composition. Uttam Singh has worked on imparting a classical and folk touch. About seven songs (the first Nit Khair Manga is repeated twice - one is the video version and the second is the unedited one on the flip side). The famous Heer of Waris Shah figures in this compilation. Hans Raj Hans' rendition is soulful and draws the listener.

Hillary Duff (Rs. 100, Sony Music)

Chords & Notes

YET ANOTHER possible addition to a teenager's music collection! The best of the 14 numbers by Hillary Duff is `So Yesterday', though `Workin' It Out' is somewhat different. This is her second album after "I Can't Wait", which was released last year.

The singer says this album "expresses who I am today... it reflects my personality." With wordings like "But I am gonna keep your jeans, And your old black hat - `cause I wanna, They look good on me... ." Well, what more do you say!

Afsana... Pankaj Udhas (Rs. 55, Universal)

PANKAJ UDHAS is back on familiar territory... singing ghazals the way he has since "Chitti Aayi Hai" found its way to our hearts. The timeless ghazal makes it nth appearance this eight-ghazal album. Its appeal remains despite the passage of a couple of decades. However, adding to the worth of this album is the opening ghazal, "Dukh Sukh Tha" that has feeling, it has passion. It has a sadness to it.

Also spare some time for "Khuda Ne Dil Banakar". It talks of the heart and all the varied emotions it nurses. If it strikes a chord, you won't be the only one.

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