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T-Series, Rs50

WHAT DO you say about the music score of a film where only the item number is played across all the channels in the run-up to the release of the film? Well, the item number in question, "Dilli Ki Sardi" is marked by inane lyrics, being particularly bad when one considers that nobody expects chaste work here. And Shweta Shetty is as loud and screechy as she has ever been. Himesh Reshammiya tries hard though. Perhaps too hard.

As for other songs, well, about the only number you won't mind listening to is the opening track, "Tere Sang Ek Simple Si Coffee". Hema Sardesai and K.K. are in form here in this soothing, romantic number.


Universal Music, Rs.120

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WHEN IT comes to singing Bhajans and religious melodies, Anup Jalota simply brooks no competition. He is the unquestioned badshah of Bhajans. His is a voice that has an ethereal appeal. Even while he has been drawing enough flak from his fans for his flamboyant personal lifestyle and his forays - unsuccessful though - into singing Hindi film songs, he has nevertheless been pouring his heart out, rendering soul-stirring bhajans in his mellifluous voice. Who can forget his `Aisi Lagi Lagan' and his Hanuman Chalisa? The man simply evokes piety of the highest order. And in appreciation of the maestro's voice and to commemorate his 50th birthday, Universal Music, associated with him for a quarter of century, has done a signal service to music lovers by bringing out a three-volume Bhajan Samarpan series containing some of the legend's choicest bhajans sung over a period of time.

The three volumes have 25 bhajans and quite appropriately the very first one of this unique selection is perhaps his very best - `Aisi Lagi Lagan'. You keep hearing this any number of times and your heart yearns for more. Such is the magic in his voice and it can put you in a meditative mood. Among the other delectable songs, `Main Nahin Makhan Khayo', `Kaiso Khel Rachyo', `Kabhi Kabhi Bhagwan Ko Bhi', `Mitti Ka Diya Hai', `Siya Ram Bina Dukh Kaun Hare' and `Do Akshar Ka Naam Ram Ka' really stand out. The three volumes attractively packed and reasonably priced are a wonderful buy for his fans. But one wishes Universal had come out with a CD instead of cassettes.

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