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Sa Re Ga Ma Rs.50.

THE WORD mast doesn't go with aristocrat and the songs of the album don't match the remix craze, which is past its crest. What these remix merchants don't realize is that some melodies are just not meant to be fiddled with, no matter you put desi or exotic babes to croon on screen.

But Jai Walia has thrown caution to mediocrity by remixing the timeless classics "Inhi Logon Ne" from "Pakeezah", "Yeh Hai Reshmi Zulfon Ka Andhera" from "Mere Sanam" and "Dil Cheez Kya Hai" from "Umrao Jaan". Somehow by the end of the Side A wisdom dawns upon him and he meddles in familiar territory and does good job of "Jab Chaye Tera Jadoo" from "Lootmaar",which has inherent potential of adding some youthful zing but what's the point in perfecting the perfect. Go for it only if it is a must.

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Sa Re Ga Ma Rs.65.

THE MORE you hear her the more enchanted you are with Shubha Mudgal's voice. There is a magical quality to her singing. Even for those uninitiated in Hindustani music, her voice itself is an impetus for one to sit through her album riveted to the chair.

In the latest cassette titled "Kisson Ki Chadar", brought out by Sa Re Ga Ma, Mudgal, now a household name thanks to her "Ghata Sawan Ki... " song, is her usual self, handling both the high pitch songs and the soft variety with equal felicity. Out of seven songs featured in this cassette, `Gali-Gali Dagar-Dagar ... ' stands out. It has been sung with a lot of verve and the song `Us Raat Chaand Phir Lauta Nahin, Raat Khamosh Karvaten Badalti Rahi... ' has been rendered soulfully. There is a lot of depth and meaning in Nivedita Joshi's lyrics. Music is by Shantanu Moitra. For Mudgal fans, it is a cassette they would like to have and be seen with.