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Ragasudha, Rs.50

EVEN THE most hardcore rationalist is moved by the ringing of church bells, said Anton Chekov. True. Devotional music must be expressive, ringing in sentimental associations. Most of the modern music in this genre is so constructed that very often you even fail to pick even a distinct note that would differentiate it from the regular, fast, modern stuff.

Despite a long line of experienced and young, talented singers, this `modern' album of Christian devotionals, simply does not `move' the listener. Don't strain yourself for the church bells and the distinctive notes from the organ. All that is pass�, perhaps. Some of the songs like `Sakrari... ' by Sujatha starts promisingly, but falters, very often when the chorus stumbles in, when there is an overdose of background score or simply because of the rigidity of the lyrics. The song beginning `Nalledayan... ' by Sudeep Kumar is the pick of the 12 songs set to music by Peter Cheranalloor. The other singers include Jayachandran, K.G.Markose, M.G.Sreekumar, Srinivasan, Kester, Madhu Balakrishnan, and Baby Aswathy.