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Raghavendra... Supreme... Mani Sarma... Rs. 38

THAT TO keep the music trendy and upbeat one needn't lose track of melody and purity of music is always evident in Mani Sarma's music.

Raghavendra is no different. Very peppy lyrics set to good music.

The first song Nammina Na Madi, is a devotional, sung with stunning melody by the new sensation Shreya Ghoshal and Kalpana. Sung in praise of lord Raghavendra, the lyrics by Veturi bring back the old memories where songs were poetic and real pleasure to listen to.

Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Da Ni Sa is another interesting number sung by Karthik and Kalpana. Sujatha takes off on a sensuous note with Harish in Nee Staile Nakistam.

On Side B, old timer Mano brings in his own brand of charm to the solo Bhuthulu Thittakura followed by Adugulona Adugu... and lastly a rap-style (in fact at least a couple of numbers got the crooners rapping) rendition by Shankar Mahadevan Kalakatha Paan Vesina wraps up the album, which is on the whole, one can say, has a melodious appeal.

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Run... Aditya Music... Vidya Sagar... Rs. 38

THE SOUND of some films, for strange reason, gives rise to huge expectations, and Run, the much-awaited A.M. Ratnam's film meets the challenge rather well. The standards that are associated with music director Vidya Sagar are always high and he doesn't disappoint either.

The tape takes off with Toorupu Veedhilo..with Manickka Vinayagam, Karthik and Dimi lending the right mood which gets sustained by the rest of the songs in the album.

Hariharan and Sadhana Sargam sing Maounalu Elane, the best of them all. The song has right tone to make it to the top of the charts in the days to come. Udit Narayan and Sujatha sing Prema Pisachi.. followed by Merupedo.. a lively number rendered by Harish, Sadhana and Jack Smelly. Ichuko Ichuko... by Tippu and Soumya Rao is another supporting number to the track while another best saved for the last is Chirugaali..., Sadhana Sargam teams up with Balram to render this slow-paced, yet lyrically-appealing number. Worth running to the nearest shop for Run.

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Ye Dil... Nadeem-Shravan... Rs. 42

NADEEM-SHRAVAN are back with numerous assignments these days. But their method of rechurning tunes remains more or less the same. This remake of a Telugu film is not very different.

The significant aspect of the album is the first song - Yeh Dil sung by Nadeem Saifi himself. This is the only song worth listening to in the album. It has a melodious feel and the second version too by a new singer Tauseef Akhtar sounds good. Otherwise the lyrics of the `youthful' songs are inane particularly Hey kya ladki and Telephone.


Mitti...Sandeep Chowta... Sony Music... Rs. 60

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THIS ALBUM is interesting on account of the synchronisation of music with mostly traditional lyrics.

The songs are `native' (that gives the name to the album) but Sandeep Chowta's background has an `Indo-Western touch' ion the orchestration of rhythms.

The new twist is given through the background score.

While some of the synthesis works in the sense it sounds good, a few do not. Kesariya Balam, the Rajasthani folk song in raag Maand is an often heard one in the musical repertoire.

Chowta's music has a folk touch but the music is techno`fusion'. Sowmya Roah renders the lines in a typical robust voice - with a Rajasthani touch.

The Truth is a short sweet piece of instrumental fusion. Bhagyada Lakshmi (called Fortune Cookie in the album), a traditional piece, sounds profane against the background score.

So is the Good Morning God (where just the first lines of Suprabhatam are sung). If one is used to hear the sacred version of M.S. Subbalakshmi this sounds hollow and rather ridiculous too.

Heer, based on the classical Punjabi love-story sounds good and the voice of Sukhvindra is apt for it.

The `remix' version Ayil Aruhe of the famous song Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko somehow does not impress.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru's famous speech Tryst of Destiny is used for the Freedom 47 piece.

The Mood of Varma as an instrumental piece sounds good.

A song My Sweet Lord written and composed by George Harrison is included in this collection. But here it is sung by Sonu Nigam.

On the whole the album is worth hearing if you want to listen to some new rhythms and don't mind the profane pieces.

It is a good and different attempt, innovative too but perhaps some care may have been taken while tuning the Fortune Cookie and Good Morning God.

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Lucky Day... Shaggy... Universal... Rs.125

SHAGGY GOT the music community jiving earlier with his In the summertime and Mr. Lover Lover and this time he has made them go berserk on the disco floor with the track Hey sexy lady.

His new album packs up trance and groove with numbers such as Hookie Jookie, Get my party on featuring the legendary Chaka Khan, Strength of a woman and Strange love featuring Mona.

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If that is too much of an adrenalin booster, check out the lighter relaxing notes such as Full control featuring Barrington Levy, These are the lips featuring Ricardo `Rik Rok' Ducent and the feel-good compositions We are the ones and Leave me alone.

Give thanks, Lost featuring Prince Mydas and Walking in my shoes are the soul tracks in the album.

Grab one if you are a Shaggy fan.

Charmbracelet... Mariah Carey... Universal... Rs.125

IF YOU are in the mood for some mellow notes, this is an album for you.

Charmbracelet, an album that is currently doing well on pop charts, opens with Through the rain, a mushy track in Mariah's signature style before moving to a R&B beat Boy featuring Cam'ron.

The album packs in vivid emotions with a sentimental Yours, I only wanted-- a melancholy and a trouncing Clown and You had your chance. Lullaby, Subtle invitation and Bringin' on the heartbreak are some of the numbers to watch out for, in the album. Unlike her previous albums, which presented inspirational and feel-good numbers such as Hero and Dream Lover, this album is high on the melancholic note. One album you can relate to when feeling blue.

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