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Nuvve Nenu Nene Nuvvu... Supreme... Rs. 35

THE CURRENT trend of making youth-oriented films is actually giving a lot of scope not only for new and upcoming stars but also for composers and singers. Almost every second film has a new playback singer — both male and female. Nuvve Nenu Nene Nuvvu gives Viswa a chance to prove his vocal talent. Though the quality of tunes has improved tremendously, the filmmakers are compromising on the content of the lyrics, which is unfortunately a sad fallout.

In the present album, Prema prema... prema pelli anubandham is the only (melancholic) song, where the lyrics are good and heart-rending. Angela angela nuvvala vunnavela, Manasa enduke are a couple of fast numbers on the same side. Chinni chinni gundello on he flip side, apart from the title song, is quite enjoyable. Okay album on the whole.

Premante Maade... Mayuri Audio... Rs. 38

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IN THE male-dominated film industry, for a young woman to establish herself is quite an achievement. The woman in question here is composer Srilekha who has won awards and accolades. A bundle of talent, she can churn out any kind of music — be it folk-like, fast-beat or slow melodies. And if somebody can give the Telugu composers a run for their money, it is Srilekha who is just out of her teens.

A sample of her talent comes in the form of Premante Maade, a nice album with pleasant melodic tunes... which can be enjoyed the way slow melodies are meant to be enjoyed. Starting with Bangaru chilakamma navvullo tenamma, the journey into the world of music is never-ending. Thanks to the contribution of lyricists like Seetaramasastry and Sahiti, the songs make for a good hearing. The other songs include Chirunavvutho, Oohalake, Naa peremo, Ekka ekka and Maanavatvama... — all equally good. A nice album on the whole.


Dil ka Rishta... Nadeem Shravan... Tips... Rs. 55

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NADEEM SHRAVAN and Sameer are teaming up again for this album. When this trio gets together can Kumar Sanu be far behind? He sings a few numbers. So does Alka Yagnik. Promos showing Aishwarya Rai and Arjun Rampal are already on television.

There is nothing unusual about the album. It has the characteristic Nadeem-Shravan's music. The songs to hear are haye dil, dil ka rishta (which is akin to some of their earlier songs) and kitna majboor ho gaya. In fact there are two versions of dil ka rishta. This is perhaps the pick of the lot (there is a predominance of piano in this number). All the Nadeem-Shravan lovers will surely find something enjoyable in this album.