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Times Music, Rs 65

THINK OF Gulzar and you think of slow, if poignant ghazals, most likely to be lipped by someone like Jagjit Singh. Now, Gulzar's poetry is given a new dimension by Abhishek Ray to come up with "a musical saga of poetic moods". It is claimed to be a saga of Indian ragas and world music woven with soul stirring poetry. It is almost as good. Though it may not please the connoisseurs, the album will surely warm the cockles of the hearts of those who like their poetry in a new way. It is largely an experimental album by Ray who has been composing music for television since his school days and is trained in both Hindustani and Western classical music.

This eight-song album opens with "Chand Ki Peshani". It is typically Gulzar poetry with a lot of emphasis on metaphors. It is followed by "Ka Aate Ho" which has a soft, lingering effect. The title track comes on the obverse side and is worth listening to once at least. The emphasis is clearly on music.



SEEMS the "Chaiyya Chaiyya" number from "Dil Se" had a greater impact on lyricists and music directors than the audience, the repeat voice was also heard in "Pardes" in "Ho Gaya Hai Humhen Pyar". Hence the IIla Aruns and Sapna Awasthis are going great guns. In this cassette with five numbers, Sapna Awasthi in her husky voice comes out with "Sajan Sajan" number that repeats itself on the second side, breaking voice, shrill and imposed, the song can yet catch the fancy of the masses.

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The title song by Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu, is catchy and repeated too. It makes up for the other mediocre numbers. But the song has notes and tune resemblance with "Zindagi Ko Koi Pyar Bina" from "Haan Maine Bhi Pyar Kiya Hai." A musical repetition. Do you mind? Yeah...


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A DEBUT album by Bangalore-based Punjabi girl, Saroo Maini, also a lawyer turned model. Eight songs in the album can only boast of good voice from this trained classical singer and a few good lines of poetry here and there. Unimpressive songs, some in serene mood, some romantic and some rock sorts. A good buy for those having fleeting interest in pop music.



THIS MUSIC cassette of the soon-to-be released Bollywood film, "Khushi" is entertaining though most of the numbers have been borrowed from earlier film songs. Side A starts with "Hai Re Hai Re" by Hema Sardesai and this song might become a sensation. Though one might criticise the music director for taking the clue from "Hai Huku Hai Hai", the song is enjoyable. The other two songs, "Tera Bina Tere Bina" and "Jiya Maine Jiya" are simply lacklustre.

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Side B begins with "Khushi Aayee Re" by Sunidhi Chauhan. This song is a celebration of love through monsoon. The second song, "Good Morning India" by Sonu Nigam is insipid as though the singer possesses a good voice he falls flat on the face by attempting to bring out a riveting number when the lyrics are absolutely nonsensical.

The third song, "Aaja Piya" might become a hit as Chauhan has sung in a style which would probably click with the masses.