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Chords & Notes


Leela... Saregama-HMV... Rs. 55

PERHAPS, WITH the kind of subject that Leela has, the ghazal genre of music suits the film just fine. And, that exactly is what composer-singer Jagjit Singh chose for Gulzar's soulful lyrics. A touch of softness, deft handling, `well rendered' feel and sensitive content that touches your heart mark the album.

Though most of the songs are rendered by ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh, if you can pick up one as the best (which itself is a Herculean task) then it is Jabse kareeb ho ke chale (in two versions, I & II), followed by Dhuan uttha hai. Champai dhoop ke saye by Shubha Mudgal is just heavenly. A celebration song with its lovely Punjabi flavour Mavan te dhiyan in Jaspinder Narula's voice is entertaining. For youngsters, there is an attractive number Kanha teri bansuri (sung by Falguni Pathak, KK, Dev Choudhury and Karsan Sagathia.

An enjoyable album on the whole. But, if you are not the kind who cannot enjoy Umrao Jaan and Arth kind of music, then stay away as it is loaded with sensitive and highly emotional songs.


Tera chehra... Adnan Sami... T Series... Rs. 55

ADNAN SAMI is back after a hiatus of two years. And with a bang judging from the promos of Tera Chehra on television featuring the singer with Rani Mukherjee. Adnan's first album Kabhi to Nazar Milao was on the top of the charts for many months and was a whiff of fresh air on the Indi-pop scene. It had Asha Bhonsle, while Tera Chehra has Amitabh Bachchan.

Chords & Notes

The versatility of Adnan cannot be doubted. A passion for music gifted with a flair for playing musical instruments (the piano particularly) with prodigious talent can be an awesome combination. This indeed has fetched Adnan accolades and kudos from a young age.

Adnan's ability to blend music is amazing. His compositions - a fusion of Indian and Western are melodious and pleasant to the ear. And the music is based on the emotions the singer passes through. So in a sense it is a personal note which inspires the singer-composer.

The title track Tera Chehra is refreshing (though there are shades permeating from his earlier album) with Rani enlivening it on the small screen. The ease with which Adnan plays the piano is reflected in the album. R.D. Burman seems to be a major source of inspiration for this is evident in the music - there is a lingering effect.

All the eight songs are interesting to listen. The lyrics are easy to understand and the music is easy to relate to. Meri Yaad plays on the emotions and the singer reflects it in his voice. Nain se Nain is interesting on account of its fusion - the song has a `classical' note.

The other songs are more or less in the same mould as those on Side A.

Kabhi Naee is fun to listen to because of the lyrics and Big B's baritone. A fast-paced song, it has a foot-tapping beat.

A good album to listen to and more so if one is a fan of Adnan Sami.


Girija Devi... Swar Shikhar... Virgin Records... Rs. 75

Chords & Notes

GIRIJA DEVI, one of the doyens of the Purab Ang thumri enthralled rasikas at Benaras and Virgin Records under the Swar Shikhar series (a series of landmark heritage recordings in heritage properties of the Taj Group of Hotels) gives other connoisseurs of music the opportunity to listen to her. And she is magnificent. She has elevated the thumri as an important component of Hindustani music.

Girija Devi renders raag Yaman Kalyan with two compositions Paiyya tore lagu (vilambit khayal in ektaal) and Na Jaanu kaise preet (drut khayal in teentaal). She brings out the nuances of the raag and the appropriate expression in the lyrics. She is at her best in the thumri tum bina mora and the Bhairavi baju band khuli khuli jaaye. Her disciple, Rupan Sarkar who has been accompanying her guru since almost four and a half decades, chips in a good effort.

Such albums are for those interested in building up a music collection especially those of the senior maestros who have made important contributions to Hindustani music.

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