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Amrit Vani, Rs. 35

PRAISE OF the Lord, Guru Nanak, his preaching and asking for mercy and forgiveness and a lot more, this cassette with six devotional songs rendered by a veteran Indoo Nihal Singh captures the ambience inside a gurudwara, where devotees listen to spiritual calling. It brings with it the spiritual aura of a hymn without slipping into the quicksands of commercialism. Not the kind of venture one associates with a music company known for making capital out of religion, this album keeps the sentiments of the faithful ahead of everything else. For that matter alone it has a rewind value. Hence, at times cracking tones of Singh matter little as she sings "Dhan Nanak Teri Vadi Kamal" and "Gur Nanak Wadiaai" with equal ease. The song, invoking feelings of piety, are soothing and hummable. In between, there are Shabad Vichaar in a flawless and euphonic voice of Rupinder Dasee in English, a novel idea recently discovered to make Gurubani reach all Punjabi homes specially abroad where children listen to Gurubani but do not understand its meaning. The gist of Gurubani translated in a few seconds, still retaining its meaning is commendable. Its CDs are also available for Rs.110.

A spiritual companion when you need one.


R-Vision, Rs. 35

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A RAMZAN special, the cassette truly captures the religious fervour in three `Naat-e-pak, Naatiya qawwali and a story-telling song `Dilshad ki daastan' that talks about a small child's urge to observe fast in the hottest month of June. Sung by S. Salahuddin, a well-known name in the world of Ramzan albums, and penned by Kafeel Azhar, the album is already a hit. Salahuddin's soothing voice resembling Mohammed Rafi's to some extent, makes an interesting and curious listening because of the story that is told in many `antras.' Inspirational - for those who avoid fasting despite good health!


Tips, Rs. 55

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YOU MAY be an impresario but if you don't have good vocal chords then you cannot sing in a melodious voice. Well, Jazzy Bains has all the qualities which can keep a crowd enthralled by his antics - doing Bhangra and bringing out smiles across people of all age group but when it comes to singing he comes a cropper. His last album ``O Kedi'' had achieved a great deal of success. His songs - sung in rustic Punjabi -- have a tinge of Anglicised accent, which may jell with NRIs but not with the Indian masses. Side one has "Tera Roop", "Bachke", "Jawaani", "Put Jata De" and "Soniye". Out of these songs only "Tera Roop" is entertaining, the rest are mediocre. Side two has "Kalli", "Haule Haule", "Sardaara" and "Hasna". They are passable.

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