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Deeparadhana Avishkar Audio

Visuals, Rs. 45

SONGS, IT is said, is the daughter of prayer and prayer the companion of religion. One single thought, very often is the most significant prayer. Most of the devotional songs, churned out almost every day, fail to rise to this plane. They are often forgotten after the first listening or remembered during some special religious occasions.

In a devotional album that, on a average contains 10 songs, only one or two linger long. This is no different in the first album brought out by Avishkar, the performing arts centre instituted in memory of Kottaram Sankunni Nair.

A.Ramachandran has the unique record of being the youngest-ever music director in films. His long association with Salil Choudhary and exposure to varied folk music has stood him in good stead. However, there are many places in the course of the 10 songs in this album where he struggles to turn some very, unflexible, lines into pleasant tunes.

There are a few songs in this album, which would surely prompt a second hearing.

The opener `Jaya Jaya swamin... ' and `Shambho Mahadeva... ,' both rendered by P.Jayachandran and `Krishna Krishna... ' by Radhika Tilak and Anjana Menon, are impressive.

But the pick of the songs is the lullaby `Ariram rariram... ,' sung by Radhika. It is a deviation from the usual devotional songs.

There is a certain rustic charm about the tune as Yashoda puts her little child to sleep. This song may not ooze `bhakti' but there is a human touch to it, elevating it to the status of some of the fine light songs in the language.

The lyrics are by Vasanthi Ramakrishnan and Sulochana Achan .

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