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Music from this film is for select listeners. Only those with a ear for Hindustani sangeet will ever give this album a good rating. And if you are really passionate about Hindustani music you will even identify this album with Taufiq Qureshi's `Rhydhun'. Well if `Rhydhun' remains something unheard, then probably `Devdas' would be entertaining.

Ismail Darbar has stuffed in 10 tunes and all of them can definitely claim a degree of difference.

Claimed to be Bollywood's most expensive film ever made, `Devdas' is sure to cash in on the popular songs too. The rich lyrics, penned by Nusrat Badr, coupled with vibrant special effects infuse magic to the album.

Shreya Ghosal makes her debut in the film. A dream debut for she has five songs in this album. And she doesn't disappoint at all!

`Silsila yeh chahat ka' brings out her talent.

Kavita Subramaniam's `Maar Daala' transports the listener to the days of `Umrao Jaan' and `Pakeezah'. This song justifies Kavitha's decision to be more selective.

Aishwarya Rai and Sharukh Khan light up a scene with the song `Bairi piya' providing the right backdrop. Udit Narayan and Shreya Ghosal have sung the piece to perfection.

The song `Kahe chhed mohe' brings out the singer in Madhuri Dixit. She accompanies Kavita and Pandit Birju Maharaj in a typical Hindustani classical number. Birju Maharaj has also rendered the lyrics and music for this song.

Apparently, `Chalak chalak' and `Dola re dola' are the only songs to deviate from the Hindustani flair. `Woh chand jaisi ladki' and `Dola re dola' are the attractions on the flip side. The former, a solo number, is enhanced by Udit Narayan, while the other is brought to life by KK and company.

The theme music and `More piya' are possibly inspired by Taufiq's creations and they hardly swerve from the original tracks.


(Satyam, Rs 50)

Chords & Notes

Vidyasagar's keyboard has got a much-needed break. He comes up with some striking tunes for the forthcoming Lal Jose release. Girish Puthencheri provides some subtle lyrics.

The opener in the album, `Ente Ellam ellam', rendered by K J Yesudas and Sujatha appears to be the USP of the film. It is repeated once again on the flip side. The tunes remind you of the late melodies of the 80s.

Yesudas has few equals when a song is tuned to the bass and this song is an exhibition of his genius. The background score for this number is well mixed and sandwiched in a combination of drums. Truly, a hit all the way!

Vidhu Prathap makes a strong comeback in this film. The duet `Karimizhi' with Sujatha is lively, where Vidhu does well to bring out the mood of the lines.

K S Chitra and M G Sreekumar have just one song in this album. But they create a lingering impression with the fast number `Penne penne.'

A mappilapattu rendered by Machad Vasanthi is the highlight of the flip side. The only song that falls flat is `Vaaleduthal' by Vidhu Pratap and Anuradha

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