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Pallakilo Pellikooturu... Maruti Music... Rs. 38

ONE HAS to give full credit of the album to lyricist Chandrabose and composer M.M. Keeravani for making it very attractive. Their effort really shows and the beauty of the lyrics, particularly, cannot go unnoticed Pallakilo pellikooturu ranilaa vundi maharanilaa vundi has a nice introduction on how the bride-to-be is decked up, while Sa oka chinuku and Muddu leni prema have nice beats. That takes care of side A.

Side B starts with a puzzle-like song Naa peru cheppukondi chooddam where the girl gives interesting clues as to what is NOT her name (the attempt to bring meaningful words to describe each name she says is NOT hers is praiseworthy).

For the first time in the history of Telugu films and lyrics, here comes a song that is dedicated to the six-yard wonder called sari: Cheeraloni goppatanam telusuko rendered by Keeravani is not like any of those old songs that describe the type/colour of the sari or the way the heroine wrapped it around her. Like Chengavi rangu cheera, Nallanchu thella cheera , Thella cheera kattuko mahalakshmilaor Thella cheera kattukunnadevari kosamo for instance. Sample this: Chinna cheralona kanna thalli vunnadi perhaps sums up what the lyricist wants to say about sari.

Nuvvu pre ne maa is the last song of the album, which also lives up to the expectations raised by the other songs. Good one.


Mujhse Shaadi Karoge... T-series... Rs. 55

Chords & Notes

IF IT is a Dhawan film you know what to expect in terms of all departments of the film. Sajid Wajid's compositions are the kind, which one can easily miss. There is nothing inspiring to listen to - it's the run-of-the-mill stuff.

There are fast-paced songs but nothing worth remembering not even the title song. Even Jeene ke hain chaar din composed by Anu Malik does not enthuse the listener even though it is a shade better than the rest. Lahoo banke aansoon has a sad tinge. Aaja Sonye has typical Punjabi music. Totally avoidable.

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