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Anukokunda Oka Roju... Aditya Music... Rs. 39

This album is different. Really different. And for once, it indicates the positive change, in the music scene, towards the better and the composer's efforts to put his heart and soul into this one project and prove his unmatched talent. The first number I wanna sing and sing, and swing and swing till I tumble down by Sunidhi Chauhan and Dominique is just one grain to show what M.M. Keeravani can do with music.

Righto lefto lefto righto munduko venkako... by Shreya Ghoshal reminds you of ... Mushkil bada yeh pyaar hai (Gupt) because of the way opposite words are strung together, meaningfully. Needalle tharumuthu vundi gathamedo ventaadi by Shreya Ghoshal is too slow a number but nevertheless melodious.

On side B, you have Evaraina choosuntara, penned by Sirivennela Seetaramasastry and rendered by Smitha, that closes the album which is pretty good. Then there is Naa naa paraugutheesinaa by Sunidhi Chauhan, besides a chorus number. The producer of the film, Gangaraju Gunnam shares the credit for the lyrics, along with Keeravani and Maruth.

Like the cover proclaims, this is really `One cool album!'

DJ Love mix... Sagarika... Rs. 99

The dominant impression that one gets on watching this VCD offering from Sagarika is that a lot of beautiful women, endowed with envious figures, do not mind dressing skimpily and dancing in the most flirtatious and brazen manner, as if the only thing they value most in their life is to please their men by such silly acts. In song after song one gets to see a lot of cleavage, exposure and skin show, and some of these pretty girls can even put Bipasha Basu and other sex sirens of Bollywood to shame. The DJ Love Mix has 10 songs in all. At least three or four them, in their original form, have been and still are roaring hits. Of course, they don't remain so after the crude remix. One feels sad. The original hit songs include Jawan Hain Mohabbat, Salam-e-Ishq, Mere Saamne Wali Khidki, Barsat Mein Humse Mile. Such beautiful songs, being danced to by such girls, apparently deriving pleasure in exposing a lot of flesh, all seems so incongruous. There is something wrong in the concept of producing such albums. They are neither soft porn nor hard porn, both of which are freely available on the Net. Then for God's sake, why drag in such timeless songs for such silly enticing acts? Wonder if these albums are ever subjected to Censor rules. It is best to stay miles away from such albums.

Chords and Notes

Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya...

T-Series... Rs. 160

Usually we have music directors "guided" by the directors in Bollywood. Now, there is a little new leaf being added. Music is being composed, lyrics are being penned to suit the personalities of heroes. Shah Rukh Khan is no longer the sole beneficiary of this munificence. Salman Khan is no longer doing that badly. For years we have associated S.P. Balasubramaniam's voice with his. Now it seems the likes of Sonu Nigam and Kamaal Khan are trying to do the same, the latter trying again to blend his voice with Salman's bare-chested dare-devilry.

With some help from music director Himesh Reshammiya. The lyrics, the singers, the beats, everything seems to have been chosen to fit the persona of Salman Khan. There are 11 songs in the CD, including four remixes. It opens with Just Chill. But the song that has all the marks of a hit is Ish Chunariya by Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan. Also, Ye Ladki is the kind of song youngsters wouldn't mind too much. Overall, a film where personality and style tower above substance.

Chords and Notes

Ahilya Bai...

Music Today... Rs. 55

This album of songs from the film Ahilya Bai represents art as it embodies history. Mostly composed by eminent musicologist and scholar Ashok Ranade, the songs form an aural tapestry of life during the heyday of Ahilya Bai, a woman from the `dhangar' community whose marriage to Khanderao in 1733 launched her into the Maratha aristocracy.

Widowed young, she took up responsibilities of governance, and her sphere of influence in the Holkar state gradually increased. Her rule was characterised by peace, charitable works and encouragement to art and spirituality. The album thus contains a blend of Hindustani classical and folk styles. The first piece, Narmada Stotra, is sung by classical vocalist Kalapini Komkali. Preceded by the voices of the bhajan mandali of the Maheshwar ghats, it flows into the sonorous tones of Kalapini's Bhairav raga rendition.

These verses of Adi Sankaracharya have been set to music by Bhuvanesh Komkali. While the traditional folk songs like Sumbaran, Neemda ki Chhaya and Gondhali are full of verve, with strong voices and rousing percussive support, the lyrical and classical touches provided when singers like Kalapini Komkali and Madhuri Purandare render the lyrics add plaintive melody and mood to the pieces.

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