Choose gifts with care

Keep it small so that it is convenient to carry

Make a list of those for whom you want to present a souvenir. Categorise them into family, relatives, friends and colleagues and you will be less likely to forget someone. It will also help you prioritise your shopping. Personalise the gifts with little notes on the back of postcards or photos. Scarves are small and pretty. They can be expensive or cheap, but the best thing about them is they don't take up much space and can be tucked into a corner of your bag.A large bag of chocolates makes sense. They cost less, are easy to carry and easy to share. Cheap trinkets are another great idea. Bead bracelets from Africa or danglers from Turkey, shell jewellery from beach resorts, Minakari from Rajasthan, silver from Orissa or jade from China. Put them in cute little pouches and see your friends beam. No matter how adorable and witty the inscription on them, do not carry ceramic mugs. You might be left only with bits when you reach home. And remember there is always a miniature. Replicas of the Taj come from an inch high to a foot high. The difference lies in the quality of craftsmanship.

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