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PEOPLE Dale Boon makes gobbling up food in an eating contest sound like pure science

How long would you take to polish off a 17-inch pizza, with double cheese and a host of other toppings? If you were Dale Boon, the world eating champion since 2007 and holder of almost 23 eating records, you would do it in a little over three minutes. Boon was in the city to participate in a pizza-eating competition at the Phoenix Market City recently.

How does a person manage to eat so much in such a short time? Boon says: “I look upon food like a surgeon would examine a patient before an operation. I break down the food items into various categories, i.e. carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins etc., before starting to eat. Breaking up the food is very important as it helps you in balancing food in your mind.”

He adds, “Whatever food you're eating, around the seventh minute, the brain usually sends a message to the stomach saying that it is too full. Most amateurs get stuck at this phase. Professional eaters manage to circumnavigate this bottleneck easily.” How did Boon enter the world of professional eating? “I participated in a hot dog-eating competition some years ago in Philadelphia and managed to beat the other competitors by a huge margin. I have not looked back since and have been participating in eating contests cross the planet.”

If you thought that being an eater meant that you could devour any food at any time of the day, you are mistaken. “We need to be very careful about the food we have,” says Boon. “It is very important to follow a balanced diet and have the correct amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and sugar.”

Contrary to popular expectations, spicy food does not bother Boon. “In the subcontinent, many people seem to think that they can beat me by devouring extremely spicy food,” he says. “I have finished off a bottle of jalapenos in very quick time. In most cases, it is the challengers who end up panting and turning red.”


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