Choco Delights

EVER SINCE the Spanish began consuming chocolate in solid and liquid form in the 17th century, millions of people over the years have indulged in the taste, which is simply fantastic. Since the common ingredient in the chocolate delights is chocolate, we should be familiar with the ingredients and methods of chocolate making before making these items. Here is a mouth-watering collection of chocolate recipes that are both irresistible and delectable.

Homemade chocolates

Ingredients: Sugar, Milk powder, cocoa powder and butter.

Method: Take equal quantities of sugar, milk powder and cocoa powder. Sieve milk powder and cocoa powder together. Spread butter on a low bottom plate and keep it aside. In a frying pan, add little water to sugar and heat until it melts. Add the mixture of milk powder and cocoa powder and mix well. Add a little amount of butter to the above for flavour. Once the mixture binds well, remove from heat. Place it in the refrigerator until it becomes hard. This is a very simple recipe and can be prepared within half an hour. This can be stored for a long period of time.

Chocolate nutty sauce Ingredients: Chocolate-160 gms Sugar-� cup Cream-� cup Nuts (assorted)-� cup

Method: Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. Add the sugar and stir till it melts. Gradually, add the nuts and mix well. Pour in the cream while stirring continuously. Serve warm or cold over Ice-cream or fruit salad.

Chocolate velvet ice cream


Chocolate, grated-1 tbsp Milk-600 ml Cornflour-2 tbsp Fresh cream-300 gms Sugar-6 tbsp Vanilla essence-1 tbsp Roasted cashew nuts-4 tbsp

Method: Beat the cream lightly. Mix the corn flour and grated chocolate in � cup of cold milk. Mix the remaining milk, chocolate mixture, cream and sugar and boil until the mixture becomes thick. Cool and add the vanilla essence. Pour into the trays and put to set in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator directly over with the freezing plate. When almost set, beat with a fork. Put to set again as above. When set, beat once again with fork. Put to set for 3rd time in the same manner. Before serving, remove at least 10 minutes in advance from the freezer. Serve in individual cups after sprinkling chopped nuts.

Chocolate Florentines


Chocolate, melted-150 gms 1 cup condensed milk � cup grated cherries, chopped 1 cup unsalted roasted pea nuts, crushed 2 cups corn flakes 1 cup raisins

Method: Mix the corn flakes, cherries, peanuts and condensed milk in a bowl. Take an oven tray, line It with greased paper. Place 1 � tbsp of mixture in the oven trays, each tbsp a little apart from the other. Bake in a moderate oven for about 10 minutes, or until brown. Cool the biscuits. When cold enough, spread the base of each biscuit with chocolate. Make wavy lines with a fork just before the chocolate sets.

Chocolate Nuts

Ingredients: 200 +50 gms chocolate, melted

� cup almonds 15 gms butter

Method: Cover a tray with foil. Drop teaspoonfuls of the 200 gms melted chocolate on to the tray. Top each spoonful with an almond. Mix the extra chocolate and butter in a bowl. Stir until smooth. Pipe the Mixture over each chocolate. Makes about 15 pieces.


The chocolate used here is dark chocolate, which we have prepared first - home made chocolate.


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