Children's Day Special

THIS YEAR around HBO has made every attempt to make it `simply the best' for kids. With six exciting movies starting from 9.30 am to 9.30 pm on 14th November, children's day, the channel is all set to glue kids to their remotes. Start the day with inspiring super natural powers of `Matilda', and other exciting movies like `Annei: A royal Adventure', `The Education of little tree'. Spend all afternoon with `Babe' starring a gallant pig who assumes himself to be a sheep dog, catch Sabrina the teenage witch who goes down under, in `Sabrina Down Under' and finish off your day with the ace basket ball player Michael Jordan and his special friends in `Space Jam'. So kids! What are you waiting for! Go ahead and grab your chips and popcorn bags now, as you may have to spend the entire day watching all your favourites movies on HBO.

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