Children's Day special on NGC

NOW THAT the Children's Day is here, it is not just the little ones who are keen on celebrating their favourite Chacha Nehru's birthday, but even television channels have geared up to provide entertainment for the children. National Geographic Channel India presents a special programme called Gerry Martin Children's Day Special today from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Gerry Martin is National Geographic channel's first adventurer in the country. A herpetologist by profession (one who seeks to unveil the unknown depths in the world of reptiles), his enthusiasm for daredevilry made him an adventurer. In this programme, Gerry meets a group of bright, curious children who want to know more about reptiles. Watch the programme to find out if Gerry can answer their questions, and succeeds in breaking myths and misconceptions about reptiles.

Children's Day special on NGC

Gerry Martin Children's Day Special will feature different programmes including National Geographic Explorer, Super Croc, Extreme Science: Snakes and Croc Chronicles. Gerry Martin takes you along as he ventures into the Western Ghats where he must battle the dangers of the jungle, the drenching monsoon rains, the poisonous reptiles and herds of elephants.

Watch out for the programme to learn more facts about the reptile world.

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