Charminar Subzi


Carrots: 50g Beans: 50g Cauliflower: 50g Green peas: 25g Potato: 25g Spinach: 50g Onion: 50g Tomato: 25g Ginger garlic paste: 25g Red chilly powder: 10g Turmeric powder: 5g Corriander powder: 20g Garam Masala powder: 10g G.chilly: 10g Cashew paste: 25g Saunf: 10g Oil/Ghee: 15g


Cut all vegetables into cubes, except the palak. Shred the palak and chop the onions and tomatoes. Heat oil and add the cut onions. Cook them till they turn golden brown. Then add ginger garlic paste and cook them till oil separates. Mix masala powder and cook once again. Add all the vegetables and salt. Sprinkle some water and cook them covered. When the vegetables are cooked (not fully) add the chopped tomatoes and mix them well. Add shredded palak and cook till water is evaporated. Mix the cashew paste with little water and pour it on the vegetables and cook them well.

Sprinkle water and further add garam masala and saunf powder. Garnish them with corriander, Juliennes of ginger and serve them hot.


(The writer is The Executive Chef, The Residency, Coimbatore)

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