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It's not quite the Grammy's, but for local band Thermal And A Quarter (TAAQ), here is recognition that certainly puts them in with the big league. As part of WorldSpace Satellite Radio's WorldSpace Honours, the local band has been recognised by the channel Spin for their contribution to Indian rock music.The first WorldSpace Honours, announced on February 12 from London, recognises music and artistic contribution by artistes in more than 20 musical genres represented on WorldSpace's various channels. Announced live from the Abbey Studios in London, the honourees were chosen by WorldSpace's executive selection committee made up of programming staff from each of the 20 channels represented. As part of the recognition to Thermal And a Quarter, Spin will air a special programme at 9 a.m. on February 17 by RJ Hari on the albums and songs put by the band so far. At 12 noon on February 18, the channel will air an extensive interview on "10 Years With TAAQ". Winning other honours locally are a wide range of artistes. From the repertoire of Farishta, the golden oldies channel, Dev Anand is being recognised and the channel will feature special Dev Anand treats at 9 p.m. on February 17 and 18. The Kannada channel Radio Sparsha will be showcasing the work of Hamsalekha with interviews with the music director as well as with contemporaries, others from the film industry and Kannada music buffs. Shruti, the Carnatic classical music channel, showcases the work of Dr. M. Balamurlikrishna with special artiste highlights on February 17 and 18, his acceptance speech capsule as well as other sound bytes and song capsules. And Radio Gandharv recognises the work of Ustad Wasif-ud-din Dagar with specials at 9 p.m. from February 17 to 19 on the 20th generation of the Dagar family, including the best bandishes and exclusive sound bytes. International honourees include Katie Melua from Upop, "Weird Al" Yankovic from the comedy channel Punchline, Lionel Richie from the R & B channel Potion, Jay-Z from Flava, The Who from Orbit Rock and more.Log onto > for details.
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