Carving out a new life

ART FOR LIFE'S SAKE Vineetha Menon has used art to fight her disability   | Photo Credit: PHOTO: VIPINCHANDRAN

Painting and craft has opened a new life for Vineetha Menon

For 17-year-old Vineetha Menon, art is not a pastime. It is something with which she defeated Fate, carved out a new life and acquired much more than what she lost.Vineetha never realised her talents till four years ago. It all began when she was studying in standard eight. The ligaments around her knees began to lose their texture all on a sudden and she became crippled. She could not even move out of her bed without the help of others. But Vineetha was not one to take this lying down. She was determined to capture new heights and went about rebuilding her life with renewed confidence.She turned to art and soon developed into a successful painter. While bedridden, Vineetha happened to watch a television programme on art and crafts. She decided to give it a try. In the beginning Vineetha began making flowers and other decorative pieces, which she did with perfection. She then moved on to the world of colours, working wonders with her fabric painting. Guiding and goading along were her parents. The works of Vineetha, who hails from Ambattupalayam near Palakkad, are now on display at the Origin Boutique, Convent Road. Most of her paintings are on glass and canvas. There are also decoupage on pots and trays, paintings on saris and dress materials. The show is on till December 8.Standing amidst her works, Vineetha looks happy, proud and extremely gratified. She has already conducted seven exhibitions and has been able to draw a lot of attention. Although, she has not received any formal training in art, every work has the stamp of perfection. Vineetha's subjects cover the whole gamut of life. There are birds, flowers, animals, portraits, landscapes, depictions from the epics and the Bible in her works. "I paint whatever comes to my mind," she says with a smile. Many of the works are created from the scenes captured from television, which has been her window to the world ever since that ailment. There are numerous reproductions of master painters like Leonardo Da Vinci and Raja Ravi Varma, which she has ingeniously blended creatively on pots and trays.Vineetha also has many originals on glass and canvas. In fact, two of the outstanding paintings displayed, depict her in the backdrop of her favourite colours. These works reveal her command over the art of painting. These days most of Vineetha's time is spent pursuing her creative talents and undergoing the regular treatment. She also finds time to train others in the art that has opened a new life for her. T. K.SADASIVAN