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HAPPY FAMILY Sumit and Smita with their bundle of joy PHOTO: CH. VIJAYA BHASKAR

HAPPY FAMILY Sumit and Smita with their bundle of joy PHOTO: CH. VIJAYA BHASKAR  

High School chums Sumit and Smita grew up to share their life together, says MUBIN SULTAN.

She is a confident twenty-first century woman inspiring the GenX with her clear ideas and a beautiful way of expressing them through an enchanting smile. He is a young achiever content with the simple niceties of life and living every moment with utmost zest. They are Smita and Sumit Dheer, the city's new friends who managed to find a cosy home in Vijayawada after shifting from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Sumit is a cardiologist working for the CARE group of hospitals and Smita is an eye surgeon and a faculty member with Siddhartha Medical College. They are only two years old in the city but already are in love with it. "The only problems we faced initially were the language and the weather," says Smita who is happy that her three-year-old son Saurik can now speak Telugu. The twosome is from Bhopal and Sumit and Smita were classmates for most part of their academic life. "We are from the same neighbourhood, same college and boarded buses at the same-bus stop," he says with a playful smile that explained how they ended up tying the knot. The couple spent the initial years of the married life in Mumbai before moving on to Colombo. "Colombo is a beautiful place to live in," says Smita recalling the splendour of the sun-kissed beaches, the homely resorts, the exotic cuisine and the warmth of the Sri Lankans. "Now that we have made some very good friends, we are enjoying our stay here," says Sumit. His efforts to break the ice finally paid off, as the people he came across frequently at restaurants and other places are now his fond acquaintances. "It's with these friends that we get to spend good time at a restaurant or a movie theatre," says Smita munching on paneer tikka and baby corn Manchurian. Sumit and Smita turn high-school revellers when it comes to evening eat-outs. "We prefer Café Coffee Day or a Pizza Hut to eat-out rather than these formal restaurants where one tends to feel conscious about things that don't really matter," says Sumit who is eager to see a Pizza Hut or a McDonald's in Vijayawada. Having lived in bigger cities like Mumbai, it surprises them as to how Vijayawada, with a large student population, is not yet the most happening place.

Bundle of joy

Sumit's day starts with waking up his son and helping him get ready for school. For him, there could be nothing more beautiful than watching one's child growing up. The family never misses on an annual holiday and usually gets away to beach destinations. "Both of us love water and we make sure that the hotel we live in has a swimming pool," says Sumit whose favourite destination is Kerala where they lived in a houseboat. "Travel and food are our favourite topics," says Smita who likes experimenting with food. Sumit agrees that sometimes, it becomes difficult for an individual to keep his private life completely away from his professional career. "We take so many things for granted but as a doctor, you cannot but help thanking God for your family's good health," says Smita whose patients comprise mostly people from the rural areas. While Sumit believes that it was possible to ensure better health for all by introducing medical insurance system for every citizen, Smita feels that medical care should be made accessible by setting up more number of medical colleges. According to them, easy availability and access to the bare necessities of life makes Vijayawada a very comfortable place to live in. "I am happy that my son will not have to travel by bus and face the traffic hazard when he joins school," says Sumit. With impressive ideas and a creative mind, the young couple seems to be treading the right way.

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