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My budget is Rs 5 lakh and my choice is the Maruti Swift or the Ford Ikon Flair. We will use the car for long trips at least thrice a year and it shoudl accommodate the amount of luggage involved. What bothers me is the availability of spares for the Ikon in the years to come and the fear of getting stuck with a model which is out of out of date and worse still, out of production too. Prashant, via emailObviously you need a boot, so the Flair is definitely a better option for you. The Ikon Flair is still being produced, so it's not like it has been phased out. India happens to be the hub for Ikon production globally so if there is any place in the world where you will still continue to get parts, it will be India. Ford has been making efforts at reducing spares prices as well. But the Ikon is still relatively expensive to maintain and will cost you more in the long run than a Swift. I currently own a two-and-a-half year old Tata Indigo Diesel and have already spent Rs 70,000 on repairs and maintenance of the car. This compares with almost zero expenses on my Hyundai Accent purchased around the same time. Is such a high expense on maintenance normal for a diesel car and if not, then what action can I take?Aditya Tibrewala, via emailUnfortunately, Tata Indigos are known to be problematic as they age and there is not much you can do about this now since your car is already outside its warranty period. WRITE IN WITH YOUR QUERIES TO

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