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Way to go BPOs offer good career options

Way to go BPOs offer good career options  

New or tenured agents?

We have seen that the performance of the tenured agents is much lower than those of new agents that we have hired. What are your thoughts on which lot is better? VishwajeetProductive agents aren't always those who have the most skills at the time you hire them. Productive agents make the most of the skills they develop over a period of time. They grow in their professions because they improve with experience, and have the motivation to do so. So you need to invest quality training time in both these groups although their learning needs may be different.

Project on BPOs

I am student of NIIT and I need some information to complete my project on BPOs. What are the challenges faced by enterprises, strategies for global appeal and upcoming trends in the industry? Kartik NagarajThe key challenge is to move from just being a low cost service provider to becoming a strategic partner of the client. Organisations are establishing centres at various countries across the globe to spread risks and increase global appeal. You can visit the NASSCOM website for more details around trends - >


I completed my MBA (HR) in 2003-05 and am searching for a job in the related field but unable to find one. I was earlier selected for a call centre job but due to nightshifts I could not opt for it. Would you guide me as to how to get a job in my related field? Prashanti JoysulaWell if you want to be a part of the outsourcing industry, then try applying to some KPOs. This would involve market research, equity research, data research, database creation, analytical services etc. There are also job opportunities in Human resource outsourcing and a lot of functions like recruitment, payroll etc are being outsourced. So, I would recommend that you try applying for these companies directly or even consider working for some consultants before making the shift to mainstream companies. What are some of the benefits derived out of outsourcing and is this a long term option for youngsters?SulekhaThat's a very broad question Sulekha. There are multiple benefits and this industry offers long term career options to serious candidates. Just to list a few, Outsourcing enables companies in - Productivity Improvements, access to expertise, operational cost control, cost savings, improved accountability and opportunity to focus on core business.

What are BOTs?

I have heard the term BOT being used a lot. What does it really mean?Haider MalsaBOT stands for build, operate and transfer and is not applicable only to BPOs but the IT industry in general. Generally clients who wish to have their captive centre partner with a local company, which builds and operates the centre for a few years and then transfers it completely to the client. (If you have any questions, write in to -


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