Caffeine secrets


You can trust an Italian to make the banal look (and taste) extraordinary. Yamaha's show bike Mastino Napoletano (not from Italy) looks powerful from head to tail. When throttled up to maximum, the two-wheeler is just a blur of colours. It's interesting that Caff� Napoletano is also about blurs. The Italian coffee knocks you down with an overpowering taste. However, the "thumping knock on the head" is the coffee's only claim to fame.

Recently Chef Pasquale Migliaccio, who is in the city for Chennai Italiana Festa, which among other things brings an Italian food fest and a series of cookery classes to Park Sheraton, took the covers off his caffeine secrets and, of course, what makes the ordinary Caffe Napoletano extraordinary.

When stripped to its barest form, Caffe Napoletano is just another mocha-bean coffee. Migliaccio, however, elevates the drink with a few additions. And he does it real fast, through mocha making machines. In 10 minutes, he managed five varieties of coffee. He mixes sugar cream obtained from the first extract of mocha to produce Caffe Alla Crema. For those with a sweeter tooth, he "drowns" a scoop of vanilla ice-cream with the Naples coffee. This is called Affogato (drowned) Al Caffe. However, the one that had everyone swimming was the Affogato Al Limoncello - or "getting drunk on coffee". Here, the vanilla ice cream is dunked not just in coffee. The lemon liqueur from the Island of Ischia joins forces with Caffe Napoletano. In the ten minutes he took to make all these, over twenty were "sipping" Italy — some as many as five times.