Bury the hatchet, buddy

Nepali girls of Maris Stella College displaying their friendship bands.

Nepali girls of Maris Stella College displaying their friendship bands.  

OF ALL the precious things a person earns, nothing is consistent but friendship. Observing a day to commemorate God's greatest gift to humanity, girls of Maris Stella College celebrated `Friendship Day' on August 1 by taking time off to thank their friends for being their support systems and standing by them at all times of joy and distress.

The celebration mainly included the customary exchange of friendship bands that have become symbolic for the day. The sprawling campus saw girls in euphoric spirits stuffing cakes to mouthfuls and words of gratitude showered onto one another. "We make sure that we celebrate this day every year, for friendship is something much greater and deeper which needs felicitation at least once a year," says Raksha, an intermediate student. Sowjanya made the best use of the day by patching up with her best friend whom she had been missing for a long time.

Such celebrations have been branded as absurd and part of the vanity that defines westernisation. But the students of the college feel that any idea or perception that adds happiness and can strengthen human bonds should be welcomed and celebrated.

Bury the hatchet, buddy

"For true friends, everyday is a friendship day. But it is not possible to celebrate or thank your friend every day," says Asha reacting to the reasoning of the conservatives who do not appreciate the recognition of such special days.

A treasure trove

Almost all human relations are decided by destiny. But, friends are the only people who can be chosen. It is easy to identify the characteristics of a person by knowing who his friends are. "It is extremely difficult to choose a friend who can help, guide and, above all, listen to you when you need someone to talk to. If you have found such a person, you have tumbled upon a treasure," says Neeta, a degree second year student.

Friendship is a beautiful album of sharing lunches, playing pranks, spending hours at the library, etc. But, there is always something more to it. Friendship is the responsibility of another person's social standing and morality.

As every religion says, a genuine friend is he who doesn't hesitate to check when you go astray or fall prey to the usual teen-fantasies, ignoring the most important things in the bargain. There could be no greater triumph than helping a friend find the right path and mould himself so as to present a role model to the society.

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