Budgeting for the year

HAVING TROUBLE keeping track of all those everyday expenses? The Youth Task Force of India has brought out a budget planner to help people plan their spending.

The budget planner has detailed columns and grids that classify expenditure under various heads on a daily and monthly basis. The little brown book that will fit comfortably into any bag can help you plan your entire day, right down to the last penny. With entries to record grocery expenses, fuel and even dhobi expenses, you can plan your daily outlay as well as the larger monthly expenses such as school fees, house rent and even haircuts. There are columns for reminders such as passport renewal, children's vaccination schedules and even vehicle emission tests. The budget planner costs Rs. 30. Try and work it into your budget.

The Youth Task Force is an organisation that believes that problems can be solved by planning and resolution and that minor changes can bring about major effects. For details about the organisation call 23766175/ 9841011980.

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