Brunch with Karen

CITRUS, THE signature restaurant by Karen Anand at Savera, is introducing Sunday Brunch, a new menu and pizzas, starting this Sunday. Sunday Brunch offers unlimited buffet, BBQ, Kingfisher draught and mocktails. The buffet will include cheese platter, cold cuts, BBQ, bread basket, soup, veg and non veg sandwiches, salads and main course, pizzas, pastas, grills and dessert bar. The brunch comes with an attractive proposition — a complimentary dip in the swimming pool. Priced at Rs. 450 for adults and Rs. 300 for children aged below 10, the buffet timing starts at 11 a.m. every Sunday.

With regard to Citrus' new menu, it includes a wide choice of 12 soups, 13 starters, 12 salads, 16 main course, 4 speciality platters, 8 desserts, both in the veg and non-veg sections. The BBQ and grill will have 14 veg and non-veg varieties to choose from.

Apart from this, Savera's well known chicken a-la-kiev, crab a-la-farci, fish florentine, spaghetti bolognaise, tenderloin stroganoff, spinach corn au gratin, vegetable cannelloni and chicken shaslik will be offered at Citrus.

There is also a selection of pizzas which gives you an additional choice — gourmet, classic, healthy, Popeye and epicure. Karen Anand will be around till March 19 to interact with the food connoisseurs. For details call 28114700.