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A PEEK Jai Zarotia's work

A PEEK Jai Zarotia's work  

There is a clear divide between artists who are promoted and those who are not. Now be it an artist like a young Donovon, who had his first solo exhibition recently with a bang, or a group show of stalwarts like M.F Hussain and Satish Gujral, a lucky few from the fraternity these days have a safe umbrella called Chivas Art Experience. The liquor brand (Chivas Regal) that mixes style with serious art, once again hit the Delhi scene. Together with the newly-opened Ati Art Gallery, it mounted the creations of 48 leading Indian contemporary artists in a day-long exhibition and promotion called Chivas Art Experience Ati at Hilton hotel the other day. The exhibition included well-known artists, both figurative and abstract painters, such as Hussain, Gujral, Jai Zarotia, Sanjay Bhattacharya among others. Most of these artists, Chivas claims, painted a new canvas for this special show. This time Gopi Gajwani's abstract stood out and so did Nupur Kundu's black and white untitled abstract that was a good break from her usual riot of colours. Painters Shekhar Roy and Anwar were among those who caught attention with their colour scheme. While talented sculptor Dimpy Menon also found her way into an exhibition that had rather bigger names.

A platform

"The effort is to bring the rich and varied flavour of talented contemporary Indian artists under one roof," said Poonam Sarin, the curator of the show. Though an one-day affair, such shows usually expose many artists to potential clients and clients to some really good art. "For us promoting art through big events like this is a beginning of a new concept. And we do it through a lot of study. We have already employed Arun Ghosh, the official curator of Victoria Memorial, for this purpose. We want to create a brand called `art' and hence encourage investors," said a representative from Chivas.RANA SIDDIQUI

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