VANI JAYARAM Books that have left a lasting impression: So many of them. I read anything, from weekly magazines to books on philosophy and spirituality. Biographies and autobiographies of Hollywood actors interest me as they tell you how to cope with certain situations. I feel you learn something from every book you read. However if I have to list a few, it would be the Kanchi Paramacharya's Tamil work "Deivathin Kural". It talks about every aspect of life, be it architecture or structural engineering. Books I'd recommend to family and friends: Besides the Paramacharya's work, it would have to be poet Kannadasan's "Arthamulla Indumatham", "Art of Man Making" by Swami Chinmaya and Lokeshwarananda's books on Swami Vivekananda. Favourite authors: Other than the ones I mentioned above, I enjoyed Liv Ullman's "Changing" and all of Shirley McLaine's books, specially the ones on the Andes and her works on soul-searching. Currently reading: Since I am continuously travelling, I have not yet picked up my next book. I am catching up with the magazines. But I am planning to read "The Da Vinci Code." One writer I'd have love to meet: I regret not meeting so many greats. However, I'd love to have met Swami Vivekananda; just sit next to him at Belur Math, get to know him and listen to him. ( The singer spoke to SAVITHA GAUTAM)

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