Bold, not beautiful?

A scene from the serial

A scene from the serial "Agneepath".  

AS ITS producer Vinay Jain puts it, "Agneepath" deals with a "bold" subject. The tele-serial to be aired on Doordarshan's National channel from this Monday at 8.30 p.m. veers around themes like extra-marital affair, life in night clubs, girls `going around', women leading life on their own terms... blah, blah blah.

By stepping into slightly sordid territory, Doordarshan - while Censor Board Chairman Anupam Kher takes time to file his scissors to clip the so-called extra wings of TV roll-outs - is meanwhile also understood to have `arrived' in life, thus trying to vie with private channels for a slot in the viewers' serial watching circuit.

"But we are showing everything within the parameters that DD can go. We have to keep in mind that the channel has the largest viewership across the country, which includes viewers from both urban and rural background," Jain tries to validate his point. But, after ballooning out of proportion the ubiquitous `saas-bahu' sagas by serial-makers, is falling on to such `bold' subjects the next venture? Or rather, where is the need to pump into viewers' drawing rooms such a decadent lifestyle in the name of mass entertainment?

"The themes we are tying to show are actually now a part of urban life. We can't overlook them anymore. But we can portray them within certain limits and that is what we are trying to do through `Agneepath'," offers this producer of "Ehsaas - Ek Ghar Ki Kahani" on DD1. Roping in Raman Kumar, the director of the recently released film, "Wah Wah Ramji", for the serial's direction, Jain is in no fear that like the film, the serial too would bomb.

"If I make a film, I would never take Raman as my director, simply because his talent lies in tele-serials. He has done a good job in all my previous TV shows, `Ehsaas... ', `Aane Wala Pal', `Deewar', `Kya Ajeeb Ittafak Hai', etc.," he says. Complimenting further the man who made the famous yesteryear serial on Doordarshan, "Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi", Jain also notes Raman's other serials on Zee like "Tara", "Raahat", "Saturday Suspense", etc.

Starring veterans like Zarina Wahab, Avtar Gill, Kiran Kumar, Pankaj Berry, Suchitra Pillai and Sulbha Arya besides some other familiar small screen faces, "Agneepath" will run from Monday through Wednesday. Primarily revolving around five college-going girls from different backgrounds living as paying guests in a city, the tale weaves in, as promised, debauchery, parental discord, family estrangement, ambition... .

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